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Best of Autumn Anime 2018

This autumn season has undoubtedly been one of the best for anime releases this year with aesthetic masterpieces on the one hand and controversial storytelling on the other.

How ‘My Hero Academia’ Strives as a Cookie Cutter Shônen Series

With sales towering over contesting genres and anime adaptations making up 90% of Western exports, shônen manga are the most popular form of Japanese comics, avidly enjoyed by most even though, as its name indicates (shônen: boy/youth), its key demographic are typically teenage boys between the age of 12-18.

Promising New Anime Releases for early Summer 2018

2018 has so far been plentiful when it comes to anime with new titles rapidly becoming season favourites and convincing adaptations swaying the most stubborn of fans. This summer promises to be just as exciting with a few new releases already under the spotlight. With first episodes freshly aired, are they really as appealing as they’ve been made out to be?

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