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Bob and Roberta Smith new solo exhibition “Art is Like Love” to open in February.

Bob and Roberta Smith new solo exhibition “Art is Like Love” to open in February-  Vivienne Roberts Projects to present a solo exhibition featuring the acclaimed artist Bob and Roberta Smith.

Bob and Roberta Smith with JM Turner, Courtesy the artist

This exclusive showcase will take place at The Bindery, 53 Hatton Garden. This eagerly anticipated exhibition will present a collection of paintings and sculptures that pay homage to the iconic JMW Turner and explore the artistic musings on various personalities.

“Art is Like Love” is a testament to the enduring connection between art and emotion. Bob and Roberta Smith’s unique artistic vision breathes new life into the timeless works of JMW Turner and delves into the fascinating world of other captivating personalities. Through a curated selection of paintings and sculptures by Vivienne Roberts, the exhibition promises a journey through the artist’s profound exploration of creativity and love.

Bob and Roberta Smith, Art Is Like Love, Courtesy the artist

“Art is Like Love” invites viewers to contemplate the expansive nature of love, drawing parallels between the exclusive love shared between two individuals and the broader, more inclusive love found in the spirit of art. Like music and poetry, art possesses the ability to touch the very core of the human heart and, at times, even the perplexed mind. Through a compelling array of paintings and sculptures, the exhibition serves as a poignant reminder that art is a voice crying in the wilderness, desperately seeking to be heard.

Highlights include:

Homage to JMW Turner: Bob and Roberta Smith’s reverence for the great JMW Turner is evident in this exhibition, with works that pay homage to Turner’s mastery of light, color, and emotion. The artist’s reinterpretation brings a contemporary twist to Turner’s timeless brilliance.

Personality Portraits: Delve into the world of personalities that have left an indelible mark on art and culture: Joshua Reynolds, Tom Hudson, Leslie Butterworth. Bob and Roberta Smith’s expressive sculptures and vibrant paintings capture the essence of these figures, inviting viewers to reflect on the impact of artistic influence.

Artistic Dialogue: “ART IS LIKE LOVE” fosters a dialogue between the artist and the audience, creating an immersive experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Visitors are encouraged to engage with the artwork, uncovering layers of meaning and personal connection.

Bob and Roberta Smith, “Art is Like Love”, February 7th to March 28th 2024, The Bindery presented by Vivienne Roberts Projects

Art Opening Wednesday 7th February from 2pm – 8pm

About the artist

Bob and Roberta Smith, the pseudonym of the British contemporary artist Patrick Brill, is renowned for his distinctive approach to art and commitment to art education. With a career spanning decades, Bob and Roberta Smith’s work is characterized by bold colours, witty text, and a passionate advocacy for the importance of art in society.



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