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The Journey of Healing: A Transformative VR Experience ‘How Do You Feel About Your Scar’

Transforming Scars into Art: The Revolutionary VR Meditation Project

In a groundbreaking fusion of technology, art, and mental wellness, designer Luna Wang has introduced an immersive virtual reality meditation experience called ‘How Do You Feel About Your Scar’, that redefines the conversation around scars and self-identity. This innovative project offers a unique blend of psychological healing and artistic expression. It has garnered acclaim by winning the MUSE Creative Awards and Vega Digital Awards in 2023. These international competitions highlight the best in creativity and design across the globe.

The Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing

At the heart of this project is the belief that scars are not just physical marks but pivotal chapters in a person’s life story. ‘How Do You Feel About Your Scar’ is a deeply personal journey that allows participants to explore these narratives in a profoundly intimate way. It’s a gateway to understanding and accepting one’s scars, transforming them from physical and emotional burdens into sources of strength and beauty. This project offers a creative approach to healing, paving the way for new methods in mental health treatment and personal growth.

Artistic Visualization through Brainwaves

The project unfolds in two distinct phases: ‘Guided Meditation’ and ‘Exploration of a Generative World’. In the first phase, participants are led through a guided meditation, encouraging them to reflect on the memories and emotions associated with their scars. This reflective process is not just mental or emotional; it is captured through an electroencephalogram (EEG) that measures electrical activity in the brain. By capturing brainwave data as participants navigate their memories, the project bridges the gap between the physical and the psychological, offering a unique glimpse into the complex interplay of mind and body.

The second phase is where the magic truly happens. It turns personal scars into a piece of art. The brainwave data collected during the meditation phase is used to generate a unique virtual environment for each participant. It is a visualization of the participant’s inner world, shaped by their feelings and memories. More than just a passive experience, participants can explore and interact with this personalized world by using VR controllers and their body movements, making the journey an active process of discovery and reconnection with themselves. Accompanied by a carefully curated soundtrack, the experience becomes a symphony of sensory and emotional exploration, aimed at fostering a sense of peace, acceptance, and beauty in the scars that they carry.

A Participant’s Transformation

Daniel, a car accident survivor, shared his transformative experience with the project. He has a significant scar from the accident, which had been a source of traumatic memories. After participating in the experience, Daniel reflects, ‘Next time when I recall these memories, I will think of the experience and the splendid visualization rather than just unpleasant feelings.’ This statement captures the essence of the project’s impact – transforming painful memories into something peaceful and beautiful.

A New Paradigm in Mental Health and Art

‘How Do You Feel About Your Scar’ is more than an artistic endeavor; it’s a therapeutic tool, a new way of understanding ourselves, and a celebration of the stories that shape us. In Wang’s words, ‘This project is about finding beauty in what was once considered flawed, and strength in what was once a source of pain.’

As this project continues to touch lives and win accolades, it stands as a testament to the power of technology when combined with empathy, creativity, and a deep understanding of the human psyche. ‘How Do You Feel About Your Scar’ is not just a question; it’s an invitation to a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation.

About the designer: Luna Wang 

Luna Wang, the visionary designer behind ‘How Do You Feel About Your Scar’, is a figure of inspiration in the world of multidisciplinary design. She champions unique approaches with a profound commitment to improving mental health and well-being through design by using emerging technologies. Wang’s design philosophy transcends conventional design principles, integrating technology and art with a deep empathy for human experiences. ‘How Do You Feel About Your Scar’ showcases her unique perspective on how design can facilitate healing and personal growth.

Besides her remarkable work in experiential design, Wang is also an accomplished user experience (UX) designer, known for her passion for solving complex design and technical challenges. A notable example is her experience at AWS, where she led the design of numerous critical capabilities for Amazon SageMaker, the leading AI and machine learning platform. Here, Wang applied her expertise to enhance the user experience, making complex AI and machine learning tools more accessible and user-friendly. Her expertise in UX design complements her artistic endeavors, allowing her to create immersive and intuitive experiences that resonate deeply with participants.



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