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Gallery FUMI wins the prize for Best Stand at Art Basel Design Miami 2023

Gallery FUMI is pleased to announce today that they have been awarded the prize for Best Stand at Art Basel Design Miami 2023 – successfully rounding off the gallery’s 15th-anniversary celebrations.

Gallery FUMI wins the prize for Best Stand at Art Basel Design Miami 2023
Gallery FUMI’s booth at Design Miami 2023 Photo Credit Stéphane Aboudaram | WE ARE CONTENT(S). Courtesy of Gallery FUMI , (3) Gallery FUMI’s Artists & Designers, together with Sam Pratt and Valerio Capo, Co-founders Photo Credit: Tom Jamieson Courtesy Gallery FUMI

FUMI’s winning presentation at Design Miami, celebrated for its striking curation, serves as a testament to the gallery’s devoted following in the US, and provides an opportunity for new collectors to discover the gallery’s impressive roster of artists and designers, renowned for their exceptional artistry and craftsmanship.

Produced specially for Design Miami, highlighted works include a brand-new series of sumptuous and futuristic illuminated pieces by American ceramic artist and designer Jeremy Anderson, a new Armadillo sculptural screen by German designer Lukas Wegwerth, reaching almost 90 inches tall and wrapped in pigmented, hand-carved wooden shingles, as well as Placuna Lignorum, a new decorative work by British sculptor Rowan Mersh, comprised of many thousands of carefully assembled wooden pieces.

Since its creation in 2008, Gallery FUMI has established itself as one of the world’s most respected galleries in the fields of collectible design and functional art. Driven by the unique vision of founders Valerio Capo and Sam Pratt, the gallery has relentlessly promoted disruptive and unconventional approaches to object-making, pushing their artists and designers to break boundaries and experiment with materials without limits.


Jeremy Anderson (US), Saelia Aparicio (Spain), Glithero (The Netherlands/UK), Jochen Holz (Germany), Max Lamb (UK), Rowan Mersh (UK), Sam Orlando Miller (UK), Johannes Nagel (Germany), Francesco Perini (Italy), Voukenas Petrides (US/Greece), 6AM Glassworks (Italy), Lukas Wegwerth (Germany), Emma Witter (UK), Jie Wu (China), Stine Bidstrup (Denmark), Leora Honeyman (UK), Tuomas Markunpoika (Finland), Study O Portable (The Netherlands/Japan).

Design Miami/ Booth G10, 6th – 10th December 2023, Convention Center Drive & 19th Street, Miami Beach, Florida



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