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Becoming Familiar investigates sensorial design for body connection & remembrance at Design Miami 2023.

Moral Turgeman and Kelsey Falter to exhibit works produced under RAISE THE MORAL STUDIO at Design Miami 2023. The exhibit, titled ‘Becoming Familiar’ invites a remembrance and reconnection within the human body through sensorially immersive functional design.

Moral Turgeman and Kelsey Falter

In 2019, Turgeman and Falter exhibited works in New York that explored frequency and how the body
vibrationally interacts with sound, visual input, and scent. This prior collaboration focused on inducing
altered states of perception through sound and light visuals and invited an inquiry into what it means to
be alive and aligned.

Now, at Design Miami, the artists incorporate vibration in a new way – through tactile delivery of
soundwaves within functional art objects. Again inviting guests to transform themselves through
vibrational alignment, the presentation centers around major works including Caterpillar – a parametric
lounger – part of a limited collection including Wing and Landing Pad, all featuring tactile sound delivery.

Within BECOMING FAMILIAR, a series of custom-carved marble works ritualize experiences of the
senses. Pinnacle – a single-stem marble floor vase asserts dominance and invites de-normalizing small
moments of beauty within the human experience. Throne, an interactive sculpture, is dedicated to the
ritual of setting one’s space and blessing the air with incense.

Booth C13 includes Orbit – a suspended botanical installation – a nod to the artists’ prior collaboration –
inviting viewers to re-familiarize themselves with the beauty of nature and its life-giving essence. Working with ephemeral biological matter as a material alongside human-constructed material is a commonly explored relationship within the artists’ works, begging the question: in a new context, can we consider a living thing in a new way? In this way, BECOMING FAMILIAR explores how we spend our time
habituating a certain way of experiencing the world.

The final work, Apex, is the answer to this question. A jeweler-crafted object that explores how we focus
our time, Apex holds a singular invitation: on what object of focus are we becoming familiar?

Raise The Moral will be at Booth C13 at Design Miami, 6th-10th December



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