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Carpenters Workshop Gallery now represent The Haas Brothers with Marianne Boesky Gallery

Carpenters Workshop Gallery have announced their representation of The Haas Brothers in cooperation with Marianne Boesky Gallery. To mark the collaboration, Carpenters Workshop Gallery will present seven works by Nikolai and Simon Haas at the 19th edition of Design Miami.


We’re very excited to work with Carpenters Workshop Gallery. There is no better gallery in the world for us to reinvest in the cornerstone of our practice: design

– Nikolai Haas

Originally from Austin, Texas Nikolai and Simon Haas founded their practice in Los Angeles in 2010, bringing their respective passions and distinct specialties together to create works that are ‘bigger than what each would have made on his own’. Their biomorphic works defy categorization, most often occupying the interstitial space between fine art and functional objects. This exhibition at Design Miami serves as an important platform to present the latest chapter in their artistic journey. 

The forthcoming showcase will feature seven works that embody The Haas Brothers’ commitment to experimentation and their distinctive approach to materials. From traditional mediums such as stone, porcelain, brass, and bronze to the unconventional use of self-developed resins and polyurethanes, their creations reflect a continuous exploration of artistic expression. The brothers first came to prominence with their functional design in furniture and home decor and have since expanded their practice into the realm of architecture, fine art, and the digital space. 


Design Miami/ 2023, December 6th-10th, 2023, with Preview Day on December 5th, 2023.
Miami Beach Convention Center



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