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Fidia Falaschetti – new drop, participation in Art Miami & new exhibition in L.A. & Tokyo

The conceptual Italian, LA-based, pop artist Fidia Falaschetti has announced a spate of new events for late 2023 and 2024.

Falaschetti is set to unveil a new limited edition: 100 pieces of 25cm oxidized copper miniatures featuring his iconic ‘Ass Throw Boy’ sculptures. These unique creations will be available for purchase on November 24th. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the beloved Japanese Manga series character, Astro Boy.

Ass Throw Boy
Fidia Falaschetti Ass Throw Boy

He will be unveiling ‘the new Donald What The Fuck’ piece at Art Miami in December. Next spring sees ‘Crash Flow’, a solo exhibition of his work at galleries in Los Angeles & Tokyo.

Fidia Falaschetti , Donald What The Fuck

LA-based FIDIA began his career as an illustrator, graphic designer, and photographer in the late 1990s and a teacher in the naughties, after graduating from The Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. In 2011 he decided to focus full-time on his fine art practice with an emphasis on ready-mades and sculpture, often monumental in scale.

Long fascinated with street art, hip-hop culture and branding design, much of FIDIA’s work is inspired by America’s pop aesthetic, notably iconic figures from the entertainment and corporate worlds – imagery that he twists in often dark and comically perverted ways. Think M* Mouse, Ronald McDonald or Le Big Mac – but amusingly warped or, as Falaschetti likes to put it, “freaky”.

I see my conceptual pop art as a way of doing something good for society – the more the years pass the more that becomes important to me.

says FIDIA, whose works can be found in the permanent collections of Amsterdam’s Moco Museum and New York’s Spy Scape Museum, among other cultural centres.

We’re all part of a system, a consumerist society, that we have to challenge, have to be more aware of if we’re to prevent countries of artists and poets becoming countries of influencers,” he adds. “Of course, I’m a consumer too but I want to start conversations – maybe people will like what I do and maybe not, but either response is a starting point. Advertising gets its messages across very effectively so it’s always struck me that I might use its techniques to put across a different message, transforming its icons to say something else. And, yes, I love to make people laugh too.

Fidia has and continues to show his support for a number of International charities which deal with human rights issues, including exhibitions such as The Biebers – Lift LA x Inner-City Arts, Amnesty International, as well as the 7th Annual Arnold Schwarzenegger Westime Charity Event and supports Fashion Fights Cancer to list a few.

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About the artist

Fidia’s journey into art began in his early childhood, raised in an inspiring and creative family. At the age of 16, Fidia was hired to produce wall paintings and illustrations for multiple stores and established companies. He grew up inspired by different subcultures, and then formed his creative skills from street art and the hip hop world. He studied Production Design at the Academy of Fine Arts, between Macerata and Florence in Italy, where he graduated in 2002 having already embarked on his professional career as a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer since 1995 he also collaborated with many international brands.

After a 2 month trip to the United States, in 2007 Fidia decided to overturn his career, leaving the design industry and moving into Contemporary Art, which he found to be the ideal way to express and portray his feelings. The artist felt the need to start talking about the dark side of the world, trying to bring it to a more creative level. He realized that the best way to have a better world was to create positive art for the world which he produces through his illustrations and installations . In the same period, Fidia started his experience as an Art and Communications teacher which has been an amazing experience to gain knowledge about what the new generation needs.

Over a few very successful years Fidia exhibited his work in museums, art fairs and galleries in India, France, the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, Switzerland, the UK and of course Italy, highlighted by international awards, newspaper and many magazine publications. He also spent long periods traveling outside of Italy, to become inspired by the amazing things which the world has to offer.



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