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TOP 10 Art Books to BUY on Awesome Books

TOP 10 Art Books to BUY on Awesome Books FAD MAGAZINE

Do you remember how cool it used to be to rummage around in a second hand book shop? Finding books on crazy art subjects, trying to work out how these things were ever published? How about reading books on art theory or art business that are 19 years old and being blown away by how many things have changed, realising how unaware you have been with the passing of time. Well now online there’s a store you can revisit those times, those moments of discovery of art book that are now history books welcome to Awesome Books.

Below we have chosen ten art books to get you started:

1 Massive Manga: The Complete Reference to Drawing Manga
2011 £3:58 Pages: 288
Link: Awesome Books

2 Frieze Art Fair Yearbook 2009-10
October 2009 £2:66 Pages: 548
Link Awesome Books

3 Fakers, Forgers and Phoneys: Famous Scams and Scamps
Feb 2007 Paparback £4:19 Hardback £2:63 Pages: 288
Link Awesome Books

4 The Tattoo Encyclopaedia: A Guide to Choosing Your Tattoo
Dec 2003 £2:63 Pages:304
Link Awesome Books

5 The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists (Oxford Paperback Reference)
Link Awesome Books

6 500 Great Comicbook Action Heroes
Nov 2002 £2:63 Pages:375
Link Awesome Books

7 Scala Guide to Art on the Internet
July 2002 £3:05 Pages:144
Link Awesome Books

8 Art World Directory 2002
Jan 2002 £2:63 Pages:360
Link Awesome Books

9 How to Look at Modern Art
Oct 1991 £7:54 Pages:160
Link Awesome Books

10 A Photographic Guide to Birds of Peru
April 2007 £11:34 Pages:144
Link Awesome Books



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