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MELLER have hooked up with Annie Brooks aka @sausagelord for some Halloween mayhem.

MELLER have hooked up with Annie Brooks aka @sausagelord for some Halloween mayhem. Annie Brooks, aka sausagelord, aka the Limited Edition MELLER Head Collector.

She is the real deal, parading through the trendiest streets in garments to die for and with magnetic charisma. It’s easy to lose your head for Annie. She’s infamous for influencing her prey and wrapping them around her perfectly manicured little finger. In the end, they won’t even mind.

MELLER presents Limited Edition Halloween sunglasses. The capsule collection consists of five customers-favourite models revamped into a spooky colour combo: black frames and orange lenses. EKON is an ideal daytime companion to any light mischief with its universal, minimalistic shape. AYO and GAMAL are the right choices for a smooth evening transition. BRON and BARACK are a 90s-inspired duo for any nighttime activities, from an impromptu bloody rave and a skeleton haunt to flexing the fit at a haunted house party.



MELLER was born on the busy streets of Barcelona, from that initial kick of curiosity to explore. To allow yourself the freedom of joyous experimentation and an immersing into the edge-cutting aesthetic. Founded in 2014, the brand grew in the Internet era, thriving on the irony of the times and expanding into new, sustainability-driven, online and offline realities.  Quickly, it became an international community of open-minded individuals who enjoy innovative designs and timeless quality. MELLER proposes an escape from the monotony, believing that the right pair of glasses can change your outlook on the world. Step outside your comfort zone. Unlock the unknown. No matter the season.



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