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Updated: It’s all about the clothes at Frieze London – literally

It’s all about the clothes at Frieze London – literally. Frieze London celebrates its 20th year and this milestone year has seen a bustling influx of vibrant new galleries, injecting a refreshing dynamism into the event. While a few booths may have room for improvement, the overall experience remains truly exceptional. In the midst of the unsettling global news, Frieze London serves as a delightful and much-needed escape.

So what to focus on? What are the trends? Does anything stand out? Well for me it was some clothes just clothes nothing fancy on a few of the booths/stands.

Copperfield Focus Stand H8 – Larry Achiampong

A living room kind of installation to showcase Achiampong’s paintings but it’s the clothes stand and baseball cap that grab my attention – I hope he didn’t pause his game too long.

Galerie Vera Cortes Stand G20 – John Wood and Paul Harrison

John & Paul (The Beatles!!) at Galerie Vera Cortes stand have some shirts in multiple colors there must be one for you plus a check one on the wall – the scribble on the back wall is by Goncalo Barreios.

Lehmann Maupin Stand F2 – Erwin Wurm

Now we get ‘serious’ it is a handbag – Hurry (Bag Sculptures), from Erwin Wurm $225,000 .

OMR Stand B17 with Gabriel Rico

I think this is an American Football shirt? I’m not up on my American sports – I hope they washed it before using.

Phillida Reid Stand G1 -Prem Sahib

A couple of hoodies, not sure what’s going on. Probably just having fun, who can tell?

Alison Jacques Stand B16 – Nicole L

Finally, for all those clothes, you need an ironing board and iron ideally in the shape of a dick to get those clothes ready for exhibiting – Nicola L, Woman Ironing Table #1, 2006.

I found two more at Frieze London! Maybe it really is all about the clothes at Frieze London.

So this was in the editions section of Frieze London I could see what gallery it was but have no idea who the artist is – if you know send us an email. It is a cardboard cutout of someone wearing a lot of clothes. *Update it is by Erwin Wurm

The approach Stand C4 – Kira Freije

No idea but they are wearing clothes and sharing a spliff – I like the hat in the hand of the person in the red/pink jacket.

Frieze London, 2023, Regents Park, October 11th – October 15th Frieze London



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