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In light of the recent ICCP Report, scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis: act now or it’s too late. Since 1970, billions of people from more than 190 countries have come together every April 22 to call on individuals and governments alike to take action towards a greener, more healthier future for our planet. But we all know one day or even one month is just not enough.

Le Good Society, a UK-based organisation committed to creating positive cultural shifts through arts and technology has united a group of talented artists to inspire one and all to live a more eco-friendly and sustainable life this Earth Day & everyday.

Titled ‘Make Earth Day Everyday’, the exhibition is being showcased across the globe in New York’s Times Square, London, Amsterdam and Singapore’s Ten Square on large digital screens viewed by 100,000’s of people every day from the 10th-30th April.

Artists involved include; Dave Pollot, Supermundane, JOJO ABOT, Steven Wilson, Tia Grazette, Cory Van Lew, Dead Pixels Ghost Club, Tom Hodgkinson, i, Mila Lolli, Jasmina Zornic, Corinna Wilson, Sam J and the 2 winners of the Le Good Society & Hedera Earth Day Art Contest; Digitalgyoza and Vasinesco. Launched in aid of Earth Day and during Earth Month the outdoor art exhibition hopes to create awareness of environmental issues and inspire, educate, remind and motivate all who see it to take action, however they can, towards a more sustainable way of living.

Le Good Society founder Tia Grazette elaborates,

‘We wanted to utilise the power of art to remind everyone that the actions they take everyday, no matter how small or big, can make a difference. We are all responsible for the state of the planet. Let’s raise our voices and take whatever actions we can towards creating a better future for one and all.’

Supermundane’s illustration captures the core values of Earth Day by poetically encouraging one and all to ‘Do what you can. Take a stand. Make a change’ on a backdrop of coral and microscopic worlds. While Cory Van Lew paints a somewhat distraught and exasperated figure, maddened by the state of the world and screaming at the top his voice, ‘Time to wake up’. On the other hand, Steven Wilson puts the onus on the individual and businesses alike, by asking ‘What Future will you build’, while Bob and Eve pays tribute to the late Vivienne Westwood by weaving her famous mantra, ‘Buy Less. Choose Well. Make it Last’ into a colourful wool piece for all to remember while out shopping.

In addition to the outdoor art exhibition, Le Good Society has released a free Earth Day digital art piece by illustrator Steven Wilson, titled ‘What Future’, to commemorate the exhibition and inspire action amongst its owners. Distributed via the Sayl platform utilising the Hedera Network, this digital art work can be claimed via the Le Good Society website and may or may not give the owners access to other things over the coming months. Either way it is a great piece of art to display and a great first digital asset for anyone.

‘Hedera is honoured to support the ‘Make Earth Day Everyday Art Exhibition’. With a sustainable
mindset at the heart of the network, nothing could be more important than heightening the conversation
and awareness around the state of the planet this Earth Day. Hedera provides a platform for traditional
artists and digital artists to showcase and create fair value exchange of their work, while aligning with
their environmental values’

said Christian Hasker, CMO of SwirldsLabs.

Some of the original art featured will also be available to purchase on the 19th & 20th April only via an online auction with Hedera Sentient, where every $1 raised will plant 1 tree this Earth Month. We all know how good trees are for the planet and at this critical time it is more essential than ever to keep planting them to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

The outdoor art exhibition runs until 31st April- View more about the exhibition and claim your free Earth Day Digital Art via legoodsociety.com

See more about the online auction on 19th-20th April also via legoodsociety.com


Le Good Society uses art and technology to spread the word about urgent environmental and social issues. A platform and community that cares for people and the planet, it strives to deepen public understanding and encourage policies for sustainability and consumer ethics. Le Good brings together artists, writers, poets, musicians, filmmakers, researchers and scientists to explore, educate and inspire
positive shifts in behaviour and culture.

Hedera Hashgraph is the most used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public distributed ledger for the decentralised economy that has been described as a successor to blockchain technology. Dedicated to building a trusted and secure online world that empowers the individual, it provides increased speed, fairness, low cost, and security – where one can work, play, buy, sell, create and engage socially on the Hedera ecosystem in a safe and private manner. A carbon-negative network, Hedera Hashgraph has been cited as the most greenest, most sustainable proof-of-stake digital asset by UCL Research. One transaction on the Hedera Network use 1000th of the energy used by one Visa card transaction. For more information, visit www.hedera.com, or follow us on Twitter at @hedera, Telegram at t.me/
hederahashgraph, or Discord at www.hedera.com/discord. The Hedera whitepaper can be found at hedera.com/papers

About the artists

Express Yourself by Cory Van Lew @coryvanlew
Cory Van Lew is a Visual artist known for his particular use of bright colour, to invoke positivity with good intentions. Pulling from moments of his life, Van Lew uses his “Theory of Transmission” to communicate and create works of art. Since his entry into the NFT community, Cory has taken stronghold as one of the prominent artists in the space, working with celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Jake Paul and Teyana Taylor. During the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, Cory became an instant viral hit after releasing his first series of “blue face” characters; capturing moments of darkness and placing them in a positive light. Currently, the Mike Tyson project by Cory sits at the 78th spot on Openseas Top 100 NFTs of all-time list, with an eth trading volume equivalent to $16.8 million USD.

Honor Creation by JOJO ABOT @jojoabot
JOJO ABOT is a interdisciplinary artist exploring evolving themes of spirituality, identity and community with self as the starting point to collective evolution. JOJO ABOT has offered interdisciplinary offerings in collaboration with the Moma, Brooklyn Museum, The Ghana Pavillion, La Biennale Di Venezia, Frieze Art Fair X Theaster Gates X Prada, Armory Week NYC and Perez Art Museum Miami among others. She has performed with Ms Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu and played stages at Afropunk, Roots Picnic, Radio City Music Hall, The Apollo, Kennedy Centre, Greek Theatre and more while being the first unsigned artist to perform live for NYC’s Times Square New Year’s Eve concert to over a million people. An alumni of The New Museum’s incubator program, New Inc and former resident at National Sawdust. JOJO ABOT continues to develop and present her interdisciplinary practice through her Power To The God Within and other curatorial projects.

Bleed by Dave Pollot @davepollotart
A New York based artist who is known for his altered thrift art paintings. He finds unwanted artwork and adds his own touch – most often pop culture parodies – and in doing so, bridges the divide between classic and pop art. His artwork has been displayed and found in homes, galleries, businesses, and private collections in all 50 states and in over 40 countries around the globe. His work has attracted attention from the media both in the U.S. and abroad, including Business Insider, Instagram, and the SyFy Channel, and his corporate clients include SONY, Instagram, and McDonalds among others. When he’s not painting, he can be found spending time with his wife and two dogs.

What Future by Steven Wilson @stevenwilsonstudio
A highly sought after British illustrator. Steven has worked for the last 20+ years with companies such as Nike, Virgin, Newman Marcus, MTV, The Oscars, The New Yorker, Sony, Warner Music and the New York Times.

Do what you can by Rob Lowe @supermundane
The mesmeric visuals of Rob Lowe (aka Supermundane) have become an instantly recognisable feature of the contemporary design landscape.  His signature geometric drawings, known for their playful use of colour, line and optical effects, have been commissioned for almost every kind of setting. Whether he’s designing the cover of a Penguin book, collaborating on a bespoke rug for Made.com, or building a site-specific installation for the community of Great Ormond Street Hospital, Rob’s work is always infused with his distinctive humour and hyper-colourful imagination. Prolific in output, with a portfolio spanning almost 20 years, his work has been published and exhibited worldwide. Clients include: Apple, Arts Council England, Leeds Train Station, V&A, HP, *Wallpaper, Made.com, Penguin, American Express, Dolby Sound and Liberty of London.

Protect Nature by Tia Grazette @legoodsociety
An acclaimed Creative Director & Content Director who has worked for many brands & magazines including, British Vogue, Tatler, Levi’s and the BBC. Tia has created art since she was a child and became accomplished in the art of oil painting at the age of 17 and is now experimenting with a new style influenced by graffiti and abstract expressionism. An advocate for the environment and social injustice, she is the founder of Le Good Society and has worked on a number of global environmental awareness campaigns including the Plastiki Expedition where they famously built a boat from recycled plastic and sailed it across the Pacific in 2010 to create awareness of plastic pollution and Bye Bye
Plastic – an initiative to remove plastic from the music industry.

Act Now by Dead Pixels Ghost Club @deadpixels_club
A highly collectible and sought after generative art project of 10,000 ghosts designed by a team of digital artists, designers, and creators with 10+ years of experience in online community building. These little spirits are here to create some lighthearted ruckus, send good vibes, and support the community.

Lead by example by i
i has been around for a long time and worked with a number of well known street artists including Eine & Aiko (failed).

The Future Can’t Wait by Tom Hodgskinson @tomhodgkinson2
A Bristol-based artist, he creates unique works which have been used commercially for bands such as Keane, Archive & Brigade, as well as moving visual productions for live events, working with a broad scope of artists including Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, Dave, Mabel, The Rolling Stones. Collage occupies the central focus of his work; creating graphic oriented imagery suffused with a deeper personal, sociocultural commentary. The images he creates are a three fold equation; the things he finds plus things happening in the world multiplied by what is going on in his own head.

MoonDance by Mila Lolli @milalolli
Mila is a creative, an immersive technologist and Metaverse architect who spends much of her time around unreal engine, mixed reality and VR environments. She is the founder of NFT UK – the largest web3 & NFT community in the UK.

Polluted Futures by Sam J @hederasentient
Sam J is a digital artist and founder of the Hedera Sentient platform – an NFT launchpad.

Make a Difference by Jasmina Zornic @jasminazornic_design
Belgrade-based designer Jasmina creates eye-catching typography that’s bold and characterful, and sings with colour and movement. Jasmina’s soulful yet playful work is inspired by the everyday and her love of music – she can’t work unless there’s something playing in the background.
Experimenting with shapes of different fonts, weights and styles has evolved into a design style that pushes and pulls at the heart of letterforms, and has kept Jasmina in demand by top clients and brands across the globe. Jasmina has collaborated with: Adobe, Audible, F37, Courier Media, Ocado, Abrams, BOLA, Gloria, Bon Apetit Magazine, Maltgoods, Popwell, Jubilee, Harestrup, &Soda and Casetify.

Buy Less Choose Well by Corinna Wilson @bob_and_eve
Bob & Eve was founded in 2020 by artist Corinna Wilson. The name evolved from the words bobbin and weave in reference to her use of textiles as a medium. Her colourful works are an expression of her irreverent take on modern society. She uses a combination of hand-tufted and machine-based techniques to create one-off pieces of art with wool.



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