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Comprehensive Information About Weber Grills

With spring on the way, people across the country are starting to look forward to not just rising temperatures but also all of the opportunities they bring for spending time outside with family and friends. Experts agree that investing in a Weber grill is one of the best ways to prepare for the summer, but even those familiar with the brand may not know exactly what to expect from all of its products. Take the guesswork out of the equation by checking out the comprehensive information about Weber Grills below.

Weber Charcoal Grills

Anyone looking for information about Weber grills will find that the brand dates back to 1956 when the company’s founder developed a classic charcoal grill to compete with the uncovered brazier grill that was popular at the time. Aside from the addition of some culinary conveniences such as an ash disposer, the company’s charcoal kettle grill remains largely the same today. 

Weber also manufactures two more advanced charcoal grills. The Performer Deluxe model incorporates a wider range of conveniences than the original kettle grill, with a touch-and-go gas ignition system, cart, charcoal storage, and built-in timer included.

The Summit Kamado is arguably the most advanced of Weber’s charcoal grills. It features a double-walled cooker that offers a wider range of applications, from slow-cooking brisket to searing steaks. The lower airflow levels also help food stay moist in ways that are impossible with a classic charcoal grill.

Weber Gas Grills

While some people like the classic, the smokey flavor produced by grilling on charcoal, an increasing number of today’s backyard chefs are choosing to incorporate liquid propane and natural gas grills into their outdoor kitchen setups instead. They heat up quickly, are easy to use, and offer greater versatility than traditional charcoal grills. Weber has three tiers of gas grills, each of which boasts plenty of add-on features.

1. The Spirit

The Spirit is Weber’s entry-level grill line. It can be run on either a natural gas line run from the home or a tank of propane and features the brand’s GS4 grilling system. Spirit grills come with plenty of optional add-ons, from side tables to storage compartments, and there are multiple models available to choose from with different numbers of burners.

2. The Genesis

The Genesis line of grills is slightly more advanced than the Spirit models. The Genesis also features the GS4 grilling system but offers extra features that make it easier to diversify grill use. Home chefs that want to be able to cook full, multi-course meals outdoors will find that it’s worth upgrading to this line.

3. The Summit

The Summit is the top tier of Weber grills. Made for self-proclaimed grillmasters, this line expands cooking zones to include not just sear stations and warming racks but foldable rotisserie cookers. Of course, the Summit grill line is the most costly, but serious backyard chefs will find that it’s worth the investment.

Are Weber Grills Worth the Money?

Backyard barbecue enthusiasts have plenty of options. This begs the question, are Weber grills worth the money? In general, the answer is yes. Weber makes very affordable charcoal models for those who don’t want to commit to a full outdoor kitchen that are better than the brand’s competitors in addition to a full range of permanent and portable gas grills. In other words, there’s something for everyone.



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