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Mat Collishaw’s Heterosis – a new series of digital artworks & an immersive metaverse experience.

Snark.art has announced the launch of Heterosis, a new series of digital artworks and an immersive metaverse experience by Mat Collishaw. Created in collaboration with digital artist Danil Krivoruchko and metaverse architects ELGABAL.

Heterosis is a project produced for the OG.Art platform which combines blockchain technology and art to create a unique experience for collectors.

Heterosis will see participants cultivating and breeding virtual flowers that grow in a hyper-realistic metaverse ‘greenhouse’ – a digital recreation of a grandly decorated wing of London’s National Gallery, abandoned and reclaimed by nature.

Each flower will be a one-of-a-kind, unduplicable digital artwork, but the works, both individually and collectively, become meaningful via the community that is created. Based on innovative technology, Heterosis invites collectors to participate in an art ‘game’ where the outcome of the works is determined by their interaction. The participatory nature of Heterosis means the artwork could not exist in any context other than on the blockchain.

Collector’s control the creative outcome Upon minting, each collector receives a Heterosis flower with unique DNA code and the combination of a few basic traits. Through hybridisation, collectors can discover advanced characteristics or mutations, and unlock new species, colours, patterns and forms. Their actions and engagement with one another will determine how the creation of new species and increasingly exotic and elaborate blooms unfolds. They become the agents of digital evolution and digital art collaborators.

Ground-breaking technology

The digital flowers have been developed using SideFX’s Houdini – a powerful 3D animation and visual effects tool used in blockbuster films, commercials and video games – and are rendered on Redshift. Uniquely, the hyper realistic flowers are created via a process of hybridization that is not predetermined, requiring advanced technology to generate the dynamic content. The metaverse ‘greenhouse’ was developed using Unreal Engine, the state-of-the-art gaming technology to allow collectors to interact with one another and freely explore the environment no matter where they are in the world. The technology means they can have an interactive, collective experience on any device with exceptionally high-quality visualisation.

Flower market

To hybridize, collectors must pay the flower’s owner a breeding fee. Collectors themselves set the prices for hybridization which can reflect if significant resources have been spent to create a new rare and exciting combination of genes. These dynamics create two separate markets – one for the purchase digital flowers and another for selling the opportunity to hybridize your flower.

Heterosis builds on Collishaw’s practice and cross-disciplinary approach which sees him engage with developments in technology and unafraid to venture into unfamiliar terrain.

I wanted to create an artwork that could not exist in any context other than the metaverse. The digital network that forms the basis of Heterosis allows all the participants and components to come together, bringing the artwork to fruition. The fact that the work can evolve through time, depending on what the owner will or won’t do, was something very interesting for us. Danil managed to encode all the different traits into DNA and designed an evolution process. These mechanics, are essential to the Heterosis project and are especially valuable to us as something that’s possible only in a decentralized space

Mat Collishaw

‘This is the most complicated digital art collection I have ever worked on. Mat wanted Heterosis NFTs to be real flower species. A real life reference, which is super complex on the one hand and so familiar to everyone on the other, meant that even the goal of achieving a photorealistic visual was technologically very complex.’ – Danil Krivoruchko

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Project Creators

Mat Collishaw is a key figure in the generation of British artists who emerged from Goldsmiths’ College in the late 1980s. He participated in the Freeze group show organized by Damien Hirst in 1988 that launched the Young British Artists, and since his first solo exhibition in 1990 has exhibited internationally.

Ukrainian born, New York-based Danil Krivoruchko is a multidisciplinary digital artist and art director whose clients include names like Apple, Nike, Intel, and Boeing, Krivoruchko has won a variety of awards for his work and was EMMY nominated for Outstanding Main Title Design for the series “Foundation” as part of its creative team. He is also the creator of the renowned “One Thousand Ksoids” NFT collection, and co-creator of the OG:Crystals and Life in Our Minds projects.

EL-GABAL creates and produces original brand content driven by strong storytelling, based on real-time immersive technologies VR, AR and XR. EL-GABAL has developed the new platform GAIA, a unique solution for brands, businesses, and creatives to build and run their own social metaverse worlds and engage their audiences with high-quality, real-time digital humans.



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