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Buy art for Christmas and help Postgrad Art students.

Max Heinlein ‘Diamond See’ 
Max Heinlein ‘Diamond See’  Digital Print  @max_heinlein  “The work, generated by an artificial-intelligence algorithm, is named Diamond Sea. It shows a robot gazing at horizon. How does artificial intelligence see its own subjects? How do humans want the AI to see its own subject? The work is inspired by Anthony Gormley’s ANOTHER PLACE.” 

Buy art for Christmas and help Postgrad Art students – You deserve art in your life and we are committed to making it accessible. The joy of living with art should be something we can all experience. In these turbulent times of economic and political crisis, the art market can seem out of step with reality. Welcome to MERCH, where you can buy affordable work – online and in-person – by final year postgraduate students from across Central Saint Martin‘s Art programme. Whether it’s unique works or A3 limited edition prints at £50, bring art to life and support emerging artists this November.  

Nora Gem, ‘Moments’ 
Nora Gem, ‘Moments’  Archival giclee print @nora.gem  “In larger cities the number of people living alone is growing. This drawing represents the small actions that can provide strength and hope in during our daily hurdles. There is a tendency of isolation growing amongst people in today’s digital age. The couple on this drawing represents the need for small moments spent with loved ones in order to reduce stress during our everyday struggles.” 
Wen Shuyu Enchanting MA Fine Art
WenShuyu, ‘Enchanting’  Inkjet print  @shuyu_wen98  This is a photo from my psychedelic plant series, we live in illusion. 

On show at Koppel X and online with UAL’s not just a shop, MERCH presents work by final year students on MA Fine Art, MA Fine Art Digital, MA Art and Science, MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies and MRes Art. 

Iga Koncka, ‘You Know It’  Risograph 
Iga Koncka, ‘You Know It’  Risograph @igakoncka  “The collage can be seen as a lucky charm. If you buy it, the chaos represented on it is less likely to knock on your door.” You Know It represents destruction with a neon twist. The image itself is a handmade collage transferred into 4-layered risograph.  
Angela Hadrill ‘Weeds Avilable’ (sic) 
Angela Hadrill ‘Weeds Avilable’ (sic)  Linocut @angelahadrill  Angela Hadrill is an artist specialising in watercolour painting. Her work aims to draw attention to the natural world, humanities relationship to it and ways in which we can live reciprocally with the land around us. This Lino print is an advert promoting the use of urban herbs and plants for their medicinal qualities. 

The collection spans a range of print forms including Japanese woodblock, etching, linocut, silkscreen, risography, lithography, phototint, photo etching, archival print, digital print, archival digital print, UV print, screenprint and inkjet.

Vanessa.Xu, ‘Ink marks’   Photo etching  @vanessa.xuwen  “Walking under the sea.” 
Vanessa.Xu, ‘Ink marks’   Photo etching  @vanessa.xuwen  “Walking under the sea.” 
Joseph Ijoyemi ‘We Go Carry Am’ 
Joseph Ijoyemi ‘We Go Carry Am’ Digital print  @mrj_artclub “”We go carry am” means ‘we have the means to carry’ in pidgin language. The essence of this work is to create new positive outlook of the black experience. To reimagine the new black experience as superpowers and royals.” 

All the prints have been created by 2nd year postgrad Art programme students and most printed in the CSM Printmaking Centre. Proceeds will go directly to the students, helping fund their graduation projects.

Ruaa Elmansuri ‘Essentials’ 
Ruaa Elmansuri ‘Essentials’  Silkscreen  @_artistagram_ @ruaaelmansuri  This pop-art inspired art print illustrates a variety of essential Arabic branded cans found in most North African and Middle Eastern households, including Harissa, Hummus Tahina, Butter Ghee and Fava Beans. The use of colour for this artwork is influenced by the?MENA region?flags. This A3 print is screen-printed, signed, and numbered by the artist.
Xinyu Liu, ‘Walking in the Woods’ 
Xinyu Liu, ‘Walking in the Woods’  UV Print on Handmade paper  @burengliu_  “I want everyone to relive my excitement and joy when I encountered some new born mushrooms in the woods.” 

MERCH: Postgraduate Print Sale – Art for everyone at a fair price, KOPPEL X   25th – 27th November: . Online sales at not just a shop , 25th November – December 21st 2022

*Proceeds from sales will go directly to postgrad students to help support their end-of-year show group projects.



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