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Buffer, a group show consisting exclusively of recent graduates from arts universities in the UK.

Guts Gallery is to open Buffer, a group show consisting exclusively of recent graduates from arts universities in the UK.

Courtesy of Emily Kraus

Exhibiting Artists: Joseph Mobolaji Aina, Mattia Guarnera-MacCarthy, Caroline Jackson, Sophie Lourdes Knight, Emily Kraus, Emma Stone-Johnson, Shaqúelle Whyte, Georg Wilson

Buffer intends to open up a constructive dialogue with young, post-graduate artists just getting their start in the art world. By bringing these artists together in one space, Guts hopes to foster a new generation of artists; a generation that can navigate the art world with confidence and autonomy.

Guts believes that the traditional education system is failing artists: how can artists be expected to grow and develop within the art world if they are not taught anything about the business of art. Through a series of workshops, meetings and tutorials throughout the exhibition’s duration, Guts Gallery wants to impart the essential skills and knowledge required to navigate the art world and thrive as an artist. Guts is also willing to offer a ‘buffer’ course to arts universities to teach art students how to interact with galleries, create invoices and price work etc. so that when they finish their studies and arrive within the art world they are not left to fend for themselves.

Courtesy of Mattia Guarnera MacCarthy

Buffer is a callout to collectors to invest in young, emerging artists. It is a reminder to nurture exciting talent and potential in its early stages, to broaden and diversify collections and build meaningful, supportive relationships with artists at the beginning of their careers.

At present, many artists are exploited because they lack knowledge about the business side of art. Guts seeks to create an art world in which artists can thrive by knowing their own value and having the confidence to build fair and equitable relationships with galleries that reflect this value. Words by Jamie Hope

Courtesy of Georg Wilson

BUFFER, group show, 11th November – 8th December 2022, Guts Gallery, Unit 2 Sidings House,10 Andre Street, Hackney, London, E8 2AA



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