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8 Beautiful & cool artworks Frieze London 2022

Frieze London 2022- I thankfully avoided Wednesday at Frieze London apparently totally mobbed 30 min wait to get in – couldn’t see the art, couldn’t get a meal, queues for everything – I went Thursday lovely, calm, and plenty of time to look, to chat, to eat, maybe Thursday is the new Wednesday?

It gave me time to read Jonathan Jones’s review in The Guardian. What’s his problem? Yes, there were lots of paintings at Frieze London but compared to any graduate show in London there were surprisingly lots of artworks that weren’t paintings maybe he was pushed for time, maybe he’d pre-written his article or maybe the crowds annoyed him – anyway below nine beautiful & v cool artworks none of them paintings.

Booth E2 Michael Dean (Unfucking Titled) HAPPY SORRY A F ffffffffffffffffffffffff (2022) presented by Herald Street, London. Dean Born 1977, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Lives and works in London, UK MORE

Booth H6 HAYDEN DUNHAM, The Hug, 2022, presented by Company Gallery, New York MORE

Booth A13 Gisela Colon, Morph (Elevation) 2022, presented by GAVLAK, Los Angeles MORE

Booth C1 Penny Goring, Forever Doll 6 (fuck/death) 2022 presented by Arcadia Missa, London MORE

Booth B2 Carol Bove, Brazened Stoichiometry, 2022, presented by David Zwirner New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong. Known for works that incorporate found and constructed elements with a unique formal, technical, and conceptual inventiveness, Carol Bove stands as one of the foremost contemporary artists working today; her work has consistently challenged and expanded the possibilities of formal abstraction. MORE

Booth D1 Sanford Biggers, The Cantor, 2022, presented by Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York.
Sanford Biggers’ work is an interplay of narrative, perspective and history that speaks to current social, political and economic happenings while also examining the contexts that bore them. His diverse practice positions him as a collaborator with the past through explorations of often overlooked cultural and political narratives from American history. MORE

Booth C18 Karla Black, What to ask of others, 2011 presented by Galerie Gisela Capitain, Cologne. MORE

Booth C9 Emmanuel Louisnord Desir, Men’s Ring of Lost Sheep, 2022, presented by 47 Canal, New York



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