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Le Voyage à Nantes

Maïa Morgensztern @maiamorgen picks her favourite installations to see right now during the arts festival Le Voyage à Nantes in France. Follow the Green line.

Ange Leccia, Nymphéa. 

le voyage à Nantes
Ange Leccia, Nymphéa. 

In this video installation, international model Laeticia Casta appears underwater, half human half mermaid, in a subtle reference to the French classic film Peau d’âne, starring Catherine Deneuve. A take on the delicate relationship between the muse and the viewer, the human and the supernatural. 

Flora Moscovici, Le temps entre les pierres.

Le voyage à Nantes
Le Voyage à Nantes – Flora Moscovici – Le temps entre les pierres

A mix of urban planning and sheer luck left this XVth century chimney in the open, overlooking rue des Échevins. A testimony to the city’s past which Flora Moscovici decided to celebrate by covering the stones with bright lime-tinted pigments. Over the years, the painted hues will slowly fade away. Will we remember to look up then?

Philippe Ramette, Éloge de la transgression.  

Philippe Ramette, Éloge de la transgression.   Photo © Maïa Morgensztern

Known for its quirky commentary on society and a taste for the absurd, Philippe Ramette installed the sculpture of a school girl who appears to be climbing onto an empty pedestal. Facing a statue of General Cambronne, the little girl reminds us to question the status quo: rules are a point of view. 

Hélène Delprat, Le Théâtre des opérations. 

le voyage à Nantes

A macabre procession dances around the parvis of Saint-Nicolas Basilica. Standing beasts and human figures painted black mingle in this strange ball, calling out for one and all to join the festivities. On a nearby plaza, an angel stands on a painted star, about to address the crowd via a megaphone. 

Les Anneaux, Daniel Buren et Patrick Bouchain.

le voyage à Nantes
Les Anneaux, Daniel Buren et Patrick Bouchain. HAB Galerie – Le Voyage à Nantes

The collaborative work is made of 18 rings installed along the Loire river, framing the architecture near the estuary. At night, the rings run red, blue and green, offering a different experience of the cityscape. 

Invendus – bottes, Lilian Bourgeat

Invendus - bottes, Lilian Bourgeat
Invendus – bottes, Lilian Bourgeat Photo © Maïa Morgensztern 

Near the river bank, a 3-meter high green boot stands alone in the middle of a vegetable garden. Entitled Invendus – Bottes (deadstock – boots) the strange vision, possibly evoking an ancestral giant working the fields, was initially installed in 2020 next to another left-footed welly. 

Le Voyage à Nantes runs until 11th September 2022. More info levoyageanantes.fr/en/



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