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Avant Arte now minting & dropping NFTs

Ness Graphics, G4M3OV3R, image courtesy of Avant Arte and the artist

Avant Arte has announced today that it has begun minting and offering NFTs on its primary marketplace. Each launch artist will create and release both NFTs and physical editions with Avant Arte.

For its first NFT release in March 2022, Avant Arte offered an edition of 100 NFTs by NessGraphics. With more than 2,000 signups (20X oversubscription), the edition promptly sold out. The release attracted a significant number of new collectors to Avant Arte, with more than half acquiring art for the first time within the last two years. NessGraphics’ first sculpture edition will debut on their marketplace later this year.

Avant Arte is known for collaborating with leading contemporary artists like Tau Lewis, James Jean, Jenny Holzer, and Cai Guo-Qiang to produce and offer limited edition physical works – from sculpture to works on paper and hand-finished screenprints. Avant Arte exists to bring the work of these outstanding artists to a new generation and is building the world’s largest creative community of over 2.5 million young collectors, art lovers, and artists.

Avant Arte is looking to collaborate with digital artists to bring their practice into mediums like sculpture and print-making with its leading physical production and fabrication capabilities, as well as help artists who typically work in mediums like painting, sculpture or performance to explore both the visual capabilities and rich participation dynamics of NFTs.

“We’re excited by many different creative aspects of NFTs, from the artists and the community dynamics to the potential to facilitate rich and sustained experiences. The artists we are working with at launch represent some of the most talented creators in this space, and the opportunity to help them realize both digital and physical works – several for the first time – is a great example of what Avant Arte can offer.”

Christian Luiten, Co-Founder and Head of Artist Community, Avant Arte.

Upcoming drops

  • NessGraphics, the mastermind behind some of contemporary culture’s most iconic visuals – including Lil Nas X’s Montero (2021) and Megan the Stallion’s Good News (2020) – offers new works from his famed ‘N3UR4L1NK’ series, inspired by Elon Musk’s real technology ‘Neuralink’.
  • Ix Shellsthe generative artist and champion of social change who is now one of the highest-selling NFT creators in the world, will present works in her signature style – including a physical sculpture to capture her NFT aesthetic.
  • David Rudnik, whose ornate typefaces and dawn-of-the-internet visuals have become synonymous with millennial subcultures and their tendencies towards political resistance, launched his new Tomb Series this year, including works that will be sold exclusively with Avant Arte.
  • Future collaborations with icons FVCKRENDER and Pplpleasr




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