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Artist Philip Colbert tells us about his upcoming multiple NFT ‘Lobstar’ release.

This April  Philip Colbert will release his most advanced community project to date, “Lobstars”, a new collection of 7777 lobster portrait NFTs launching on www.thelobstars.com as a ‘lucky dip’ in April.

Each unique “Lobstar” is not just a covetable artwork but a chance to become one of the 7777 Lobstar Citizens of his surreal metaverse “Lobsteropolis City” the largest art world on Decentraland, covering 57 parcels.

We managed to catch up with Colbert to find out more about the Lobstars release, the connection with Lobsteropolis City and his work with UCL on lobster AI and lobster robotics.

So Lobstars aren’t all equal? 
They are all equal as citizens of Lobsteropolis, but visually they are all different with varying degrees of rarity. 

Lobstars NFT group-shot Image courtesy Philip Colbert

Why 7777? 
7 is the Lobster’s lucky number. 

Do purchasers of Lobstars own the iP? 
The IP is not for commercial use outside the project, but for personal use. Love the idea that people can make their own personal use products with their Lobstar’s image. We are looking at developing further commercial possibilities for the Lobstars inside the Lobsteropolis Metaverse. 

Will Lobstars owners be able to use their Lobster ID cards in the real ( physical) world? 
At first, the main use of the ID Cards will be for special features in our city Lobsteropolis. And beyond that, we are looking at integrating the community in large scale physical shows, where the ID cards will gain physical use also, but this is still being developed. 

Can you give us some insight into the work/ research you have been doing at UCL? 
I have commissioned UCL to build a series of my Uber Lobster Robots. Inspired by Nietzsche these will be robotic sculptures AI programmed with real lobster intelligence studies to become Super Lobsters. The community will be very much part of this project’s realisation. 

Do you know where this will all end?
Haha, I hope we will make it to the real lobster planet

The Lobstars will be 0.1 – 0.2 ETH and will be released 10th-12th April as a lucky dip at thelobstars.com Follow the socials @thelobstars Join in the Discord



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