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Best Villain Collectible Lightsabers

1 in 4 internet users is a Star Wars fan. If you are one of them, you need to know about the coolest collectible lightsabers to add to your collection. As any Star Wars fan knows, there is both a light side and a dark side to the force.

Villain collectible lightsabers tend to have a red energy blade. Their hilts are also darker in color than hero collectible lightsabers. These sabers are rooted in the dark side of the force, and their designs speak for this.

If you are drawn to the dark side of the force, here’s a collectors guide to Star Wars villain collectible lightsabers. Read on to find out some options in replica saber from your favorite Star Wars baddies.

Darth Vader Collectible Lightsabers

Darth Vader is the ultimate villain in the Star Wars universe. From his mechanical armor and classic voice modulator to his mastery of the dark side of the force with moves such as force choke.

No lightsaber collection would be complete without a Darth Vader replica. From its classic hilt design to its unforgettable red blade, the Darth Vader lightsaber rounds out any saber collection and can serve as your centerpiece.

Count Dooku Lightsaber Replicas

In the Star Wars universe, Count Dooku was a major villain when Vader was still on the light side as Anakin Skywalker. Many would argue that Count Dooku is partially responsible for Anakin’s fall from grace as the chosen one.

If you are looking for a unique villain lightsaber to add to your collection, a Count Dooku Lightsaber Replica is an excellent option. With a unique curved hilt, this lightsaber will stand out among the others in your collection.

Darth Maul Collectible Lightsabers

Darth Maul is the red, spikey-headed villain that makes his first appearance in A Phantom Menace. He wields a double-sided lightsaber capable of dishing out some major punishment.

The replica of this is one of the greatest collectors items that the Star Wars universe has to offer. If you have your heart set on a double-sided villain’s lightsaber, this is it. No other villains in the original movies have one.

Emperor Palpatine’s Lightsaber

Emperor Palpatine is the oldest Sith lord in the original and Prequel movies. In the original trilogy, he didn’t have a saber, but in the Prequels, he used his to battle Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker.

As the leader of the Empire and a formidable Sith Lord, his weapon completes your collection of villain lightsabers. Without Emperor Palpatine’s saber, your collection will never know the true power of the force!

Invest in Star Wars Collectibles

The best Star Wars collectibles will continue to grow more valuable as time goes on. Collectible lightsabers complete any avid Star Wars fan’s cornucopia of cool science fiction devices.

If you are looking for the ultimate Star Wars villain lightsabers, make sure to buy the ones you learned about here today. No collection would be complete without them. You can learn other important things by visiting our page!



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