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A one-day exhibition of NFTs (IRL) at PostmasterROMA

PostmastersROMA presents a one-day exhibition of NFTs.

FakeShamus (Shamus Clisset), Audi 5000

The ephemeral event is a taste of PostmastersBLOCKCHAIN, the platform for bringing contemporary and historical digital art to the crypto ecosystem.  PostmastersBLOCKCHAIN specializes in custom produced, all-on-blockchain, rights-enabled, innovative digital and physical NFTs. 

Projectors and screens will occupy the two front spaces of the gallery creating an immersive environment for viewers to connect with the works IRL. 
Participating artists:

Shamus Clisset, Alessandro Giannì, Claudia Hart, Miltos Manetas (courtesy of Galleria Valentina Bonomo) ,Alex McLeod, Penelope Umbrico, Nicola Verlato and John Yuyi.

CRYPTO SUNDAY One day of NFTs Sunday, December 19th, 2021 12pm – 9pm PostmastersROMA Via Giovanni Mario Crescimbeni 11 00184 Roma Book Tickets Here



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