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7 Key Fashion Items Gentlemen Need in Their Closet

While men have not entirely been oblivious to the fashion world, the modern-day gentleman is increasingly gaining a sense of style in how they dress. In today’s men’s fashion world, most gents want to look trendy and sharp regardless of the occasion. Consequently, modern men are striving to get it right on how they stock their wardrobes. But are you getting the right pieces to keep you stylish and fashionable? Just in case you feel a bit blindfolded, here are some key fashion items you shouldn’t lack in your closet as a man.

1. A White Shirt

The best thing with a white shirt is that it can be paired with just about anything on the bottom. Whether you’re a suits aficionado or your lifestyle demands an informal look most of the time, you can never go wrong with a plain shirt like the white poplin from the Alexander Mcqueen collection. Plain shirts are a staple in every modern guy’s closet, so don’t make the mistake of lacking one. You can also get one or two plain pink and blue shirts to balance the equation so you can vary your look often.

2. Chinos 

If you get the chance to rock a smart-casual appearance once in a while, a few pairs of chinos will do you good. A nice pair of navy chinos, for instance, can even be worn to work depending on the company’s dress code. Moreover, they pair well with shirts as well as t-shirts, whether short-sleeved or long-sleeved.

3. Jeans 

A man can easily feel empty without a few pairs of jeans in their closet. Apart from the fact that even the old ones can help you create a new stylish outfit, people love wearing jeans all over the globe for a good reason. As far as the colors are concerned, classic blue should be a priority. Blue jeans are extremely versatile and can be paired with literally anything on top.

4. Plain T-Shirts 

Are you looking for something that is always in style in your closet? If so, be sure to have a few plain tees in your wardrobe. Plain whites are extremely great when you need to make a bold statement or keep it subtle. You can occasionally switch to a plain gray tee-shirt on those weekends when you need to get an ‘off-duty model’ look effortlessly.

5. Suits of Tuxedos 

Especially if you work in a formal setup, you definitely need a suit or two for those business meetings and productive work days at the office. Sometimes called a two-button, having a single breasted-suit will do you good. They are also great for evening occasions, especially in gray or navy. Don’t forget to stock a solid black tuxedo to add some oomph into your look for each occasion you attend.

6. Some Nice Kicks 

They say that you can tell a man’s character from the kind of shoes he wears. To feel confident and command respect in business settings, get yourself a pair of nice, quality, black or brown leather dress shoes or boots. Also, be sure to have at least one pair of these shoes for different occasions:

  • Half boots
  • Sneakers
  • Rubber shoes
  • Exercise/athletic shoes
  • Sandals

7. Crucial Accessories 

More often than not, your outfit and overall look will be incomplete without the right accessories. At the very least, you will want to have the following accessories in your closet.

  • A quality watch (or a collection for different occasions)
  • A few ties/bowtie
  • A quality scarf
  • A cap for the weekends
  • A quality perfume for men

We can go on and on about fashionable items men should have in their closets. Since everyone has their own tastes and preferences, the list can be rather endless. The above pointers, nonetheless, highlight the things you critically need to stay fashionable as a man.



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