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Creating an Entirely New Outfit from Old Clothes and New Accessories

Your wardrobe is probably full of clothes you have stored away thinking you will never put them on ever again. These pieces of a garment are either too small (have you considered donating them to a charity?) or unfashionable to wear. The latter category is ideal for pairing up with some modern accessories to create an entirely new outfit. Combining old clothes and accessories will help you stay fashionable on a budget. 

Resizing sweaters

A good-quality sweater often costs more than a pair of shoes. That’s why redesigning old sweaters are better than buying new ones. If you have a disused boxy sweater sitting at the back of the closet, pull it out and for starters, rolling it inside out. Now put it on and mark the excess material using pins, then take it off, remove the extra material and sew it back on. The procedure is simple enough but if you’re difficulties there are online tutorials for resizing sweaters and other pieces of clothing.

Redesigning shoes

A new pair of designer shoes cost a pretty penny so it’s worth being crafty with an old pair you possess. We are not speaking of spray painting the shoes which some bad stylists suggest but changing the way you perceive worn-out footwear. Basically, take your shoes and instead of noticing issues with the fabric of the sole, try to figure out the good parts of the shoes. Grab a pair of scissors and remove all the signs of wear and tear, replacing them with a novel design that will make you stick out.

The magical power of jewelry

If you’re looking to instantly revamp your outfit, then look no further than jewelry. No matter how outdated your clothes are, a new earring, a necklace, a ring or a bracelet will immediately restore its bling! In fact, autumn is the ideal time to go shopping for jewelry because jewelers such as Moon Magic offer early Black Friday sales. Word of advice, gemstones are always in vogue.

An old winter coat with a new look

With the onset of cold weather, we are thinking about buying a new winter coat. However, revamping the one is easier than you might think at first. Namely, simple alterations, like replacing the buttons, adding a ribbon, changing the sleeves’ length, and adding a colorful collar are more than enough to turn an old, worn-out winter coat into a brand new piece of winter apparel.

Saving the favorite pair of jeans

There probably isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t adore wearing jeans. A 1800s invention, jeans soon became planetary popular to the point that you are probably wearing them as you are reading this.

However, your favorite pair of jeans is stored away somewhere because you couldn’t force yourself to throw them away. Apart from a few stitches, you can actually bring back your favorite pair of jeans sing the help of dying the fabric. After a while, the dye will bleed little but you’ll get to wear the jeans once more.

As you have seen from the several examples we have listed, old clothes can definitely be brought back to life. Additionally, you can entirely revamp them by adding a novel accessory, such as a piece of jewelry to make your outfit fashionable once more. 



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