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Physical museum to open focussed on NFTs

Founded by Jennifer Wong and Peter Hamilton, the Seattle NFT Museum (SNFTM) will open its doors on January 14th with exhibitions of and programming related to NFT art, with a focus on Seattle-based artists.

“We’ve been following this burgeoning community of NFT artists, curators, collectors, and it’s just exploding. The community has this incredible energy and influence that they wield, but there’s something that’s missing, and that’s the physical experience and physical interaction that comes from looking at art together.”

Peter Hamilton

SNFTM will look to carefully manage the line between the virtual and the physical. One way will be through using QR codes, which will direct visitors to online portals while in the museum, opening up the possibility of artists adding additional ways to interact with artwork.

SNFTM has partnered with Samsung to create a number of frames that can add or subtract several inches from the borders of the work as a way to give curators and artists flexibility in how to present their digital-based work.

As of now, SNFTM is not planning to build a permanent collection of NFTs but act rather as a kunsthalle for this emerging form of art.

“We want to be rotating work so we can give as much exposure as possible to new artists. Based on feedback from our supporters and members of the museum, we can learn what people would like to see in our future collection.”

Peter Hamilton.

However, there will be one permanent display on view: an exhibition that explains the basics of NFT technology and its potential for impacting the art world and beyond.

“We chose to open a museum versus a gallery because we do care about the community aspect of it. We want it to be educational for those who only know the acronym NFT to the deep level enthusiasts. “

Jennifer Wong

MORE: seattlenftmuseum.com/



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