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The covid-19 pandemic revealed to many people just how important travelling is. The lockdown has been eased in many countries; vaccines are in distribution. Some countries have more than 90% vaccination rate, and more countries are getting their citizens vaccinated. the number of cryptocurrency millionaires will increase from 15,000 in 2020 to a whopping 100,000.

All of these stats cumulate in the surge for personalized luxury travels. And what better way to see the finest places in the world, visit the most beautiful private islands in the best and most expensive yachts than paying for all these expenses with cryptocurrency?

Recent research in the United States showed that 71% of Americans are more willing to travel now than they were before the pandemic, and more than 23% of these people are willing to pay a premium on these trips.

So, what changed?

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown have made people realize just how important travelling is. They want to see the world. And the growing number of millionaires in the cryptocurrency space also means there is more demand for luxury travel managers, people who’d help these customers find the perfect holiday location.

Luxury Platforms for Crypto Affluents

As more people become financially free from cryptocurrency, the need for luxury services that meet their personal needs is increasing. And platforms such as Concierge are prime-placed to address these needs.

The cryptocurrency space has been experiencing regular bull and bearish runs; however, there has been more bull than bearish runs of late. Also, the growth of NFTs has given more people avenues to make money off blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

As more people become rich, they need luxury services that mirror their growing wealth. This need, one must be quick to point out, comes from the desire to explore more, given the uncertainty the covid-19 pandemic thrust the world into.

Therefore, how can cryptocurrency travel become a reality?

What solutions can be preferred to the problem of cryptocurrency-rich folks who want to see the world in luxury?

Payment in cryptocurrency!

As more industries embrace cryptocurrency payments, the travel industry isn’t lagging.

Travelling has always been part of human evolution. Whether it is the ancient man moving from Africa to other parts of Asia, or Columbus sailing to America, men have always loved seeing the world.

Therefore, why stop people from seeing the world because they don’t have liquid cash?

Why deny them the opportunity of experiencing diversified beauty – with or without the help of a luxury travel manager – because they have cryptocurrency?

Concierge developed a solution that allows people who have a wealthy cryptocurrency portfolio to experience the life they want with luxury travels, whether it is booking first-class flight tickets, or going to private islands in the Caribbeans, or using the best yacht; they can experience all these beauties and more using paying with their cryptocurrencies.

Luxury Platforms All Over the World

The budding need for this new luxury service that Concierge bring has made Concierge design a system that allows people who want this new service to have personalized travel experiences carved out by the best luxury travel managers in the world.

This is how it works:

Before a person can qualify for the luxury travel service, the person must have spent up to $50,000 a year on travala.com. When the system notices that a user has spent that amount in a year, they assign a luxury travel manager to them, who then, with input from the customer, design a luxury travel experience for the customer, using the customer’s history as a guide.

What makes Concierge’s solution better?

While travel crypto is gaining recognition among cryptocurrency-rich, there is more to Concierge’s cryptocurrency travel experiences than just paying in bitcoin. Some of the advantages of using this new service of crypto travel include:

·        Travellers earn rewards when they use the Concierge cryptocurrency travel service. For every travel they book using Travela.com, they earn Travela native tokens, AVA, which they can use to book other services on the platform or exchange on exchanges such as Redot.com for USDT.

·        Travelers can use as many as 40 cryptocurrencies to pay for their luxury travels around the world. These expanded payment options make it easier for travellers to travel around the world in luxury and visit luxurious places and private islands.

·        Travellers get exclusive perks when they use the platform to book luxury hotels. These perks include special rates and more travel products such as access to a luxury travel advisor.

Why Is Booking Luxury Travel with Cryptocurrency A Plus For The Luxury Industry?

The new way of paying for goods and services is cryptocurrency. Many industries are welcoming the idea of cryptocurrency payments for their goods and services; therefore, it is only normal that the luxury travel industry joins the train.

More than just joining the train, luxury travels with cryptocurrency payments opens the door to more people who want to travel.

The wealth in the cryptocurrency space, which is more distributed than what is obtainable with fiat currency, has opened the doors to new customers for the luxury travel industry. They now have people who are willing to travel to luxurious places, paying premium fees for these services.

Also, the need to “catch up” with lost time, no thanks to people being locked up at home because of the pandemic, has further bolstered the need for a cryptocurrency travel solution.

What is The Future of Luxury Travel with Cryptocurrency?

Although travel crypto is still in its nascent stage, the future of luxury travel across the world, using the services of luxury travel managers who help in personalizing the travelling experience, will be big.

As more people get involved in cryptocurrency, and more companies adopt cryptocurrency payment, other luxury service providers will need the help of booking companies and exchanges such as Redot to help in facilitating travel schedules and experiences.

Also, NFTs are big! As more people travel in luxury and experience a luxurious life, they would want to convert their captured moments into NFTs.

So, there is so much potential, both financially and experience-wise for cryptocurrency-paid travels. And even more.



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