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Delivery Companies Buying Billboards in New York This Year

As food home delivery services continue to see a business boom, companies like GoPuff, Uber Eats, and JOKR are utilizing billboard advertising as an effective way to build their respective brands, fueling business and allowing them to stay ahead of the game in a highly competitive field.

Digital Media, Interactive Signage and More

Times Square has led the world with innovative digital media, and your company can be a part of that exciting, cutting-edge advertising. As technology progresses, the ability of interactive signage to react to the immediate surroundings is an exciting effect that consumers are dazzled by. Interactive signs and billboards are getting more engaging all the time, reflecting changes in surroundings and interacting with individuals on a personal one-on-one level. 

Interactive displays offer unique opportunities for foodservice companies such as Doordash or UberEats, as apps become a primary point of sale for the purchase of meals for take-out or delivery. The idea of automated, streamlined food delivery is already appealing to customers of this type of business, so interactive signage could be used creatively to appeal to this customer base, potentially allowing such capabilities as ordering food to be delivered to a public location.

Consider digital options in bathroom stalls, elevators, inside taxis or other transit, and any other place where consumers are forced to become your captive audience temporarily, and you have a great opportunity for digital advertising.

Solid, Traditional Options That Work

In the debate of what type of advertising to go with for your startup or business, the effectiveness of some of the tried and true methods can’t be understated. The best part of these more traditional advertising methods is that they are more affordable, and can be creatively used to get a lot of bang for your buck, even if you are a small company with a limited marketing budget. 

  • Public Transit Advertising: Fleet advertising on city busses, taxi cabs, subway trains, and passenger jets is a great option. The average New Yorker commutes for about 54 minutes every day. 
  • Traditional Billboards: Amazing, creative New York Billboards have been building empires since the early history of the city. By combining clever and eye-catching ad art with high-traffic locations, your company or startup has a formula for success. It is estimated that 71% of modern consumers engage with roadside billboards. The traditional billboard is low-cost, and its un-aggressive, welcoming format is consistently effective even in an ever-changing market.                                         
  • Wild Posting: The repetitive posting of small posters or fliers to eye-level areas, such as the sides of buildings, lamp posts, and construction walls can be more than just guerilla-style, DIY advertising. When done in the right manner, wild posting can be part of more elaborate ad campaigns such as subversive marketing, viral marketing, and more.
  • Street Furniture: City park benches, bus stop kiosks, newsstands, or any small and functional structure can be integrated into an advertising opportunity. This is a great way to subversively build brand recognition. According to recent statistics, the average amount of time that commuters in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area generally spend waiting at a station to catch the subway, light rail, passenger train, bus, ferry, or cable car lines during the workweek is 13 min per commuter. That is a lot of time to take in the surroundings!

Outdoor Media and Wallscapes 

In the city that never sleeps, the options for wall-scape advertising and outdoor media are endless. The use of the city as your canvas can lead to any number of creative triumphs in advertising. From wraps that utilize the outside of parking garages or buildings to indoor advertising that adds elements of design to the inside of hospitals, campuses, airports, or any other publicly used area that is ripe for advertising.

A Promising Future for Food Delivery in New York City

Delivery companies are diving into the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island in a big way, and with all of the color and flavors of this amazing city lends itself to advertising that can’t fail. As trends in home food delivery get more and more popular with the masses, the major players will be using every trick in the books to come out as the leader of the pack.

As of 2021, at least 8% of all Americans have a subscription to at least a single food delivery service, with meal kit delivery services growing exponentially from year to year ever since 2017. By 2022, meal kit delivery services on the whole are expected to be an $11.6 billion per year industry.



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