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HOT AIR: An inflatable exhibition brought to you by Bad Art

Egle Zvirblyte @egle_zvirblyte

Hot Air seeks to explore both the playfully innocent and darker underworld of the blow-up. While momentarily buoyant, inevitably these are fleeting pleasures, transient and flimsy. Swipe left, single-use plastic. The clinical distance of art on white-wall explodes before viewers who are thrust into an immersive experience.

The inflatable object is an image of temporary joy. From innocent play sessions to a cross-section of darkroom corners, the pleasure derived from an inflatable could be anything from the simple joy of a helium balloon unicorn to the fetishistic delight of a creaking sex doll.

Ant Hamlyn  @anthamlyn

The space will be teeming with these inflatable creations, physically dominating the space and overwhelming the viewer, forcing themselves and their presence into any available space. Potentially over-expressing the possibly fruitless labour of inflating empty objects, only to have them deflated, packed up and stuffed into your pre-specified easy jet format, carry- on luggage and go home.

Ant Hamlyn  @anthamlyn

In its critique, Hot Air is literally mostly empty space – a satire of the vacuousness of much of art world pretentiousness.

Bruce Asbestos @bruceasbestos

It feels more appropriate than ever to push for art community and connectivity on an international scale after a year of isolation and restrictions. Inflatables can gently (and cheaply) float across the borders into London!

An inflatable exhibition brought to you by Bad Art 8th – 11th July 2021 @ Manor Place Warehouse, 33 Manor Place, Walworth London, SE17 3BH

Michael Shaw @michaelshaw.art

Participating Artists:

Ant Hamlyn – Based in UK
Nancy Davidson – Based in US
Sasha Frolova – Based in Russia
Gloria Sulli – Based in UK
Egle Zvirblyte – Based in Lithuania
Rayvenn D’Clark – Based in UK
Flora Bradwell – Based in UK
Kalman Pool – Based in China
Steve Messam – Based in UK
Kelly Ewing – Based in UK
Johannes Steininger – Based in Austria
Michael Shaw – Based in UK
Lucy Gregory – Based in UK
Tiz Creel – Based in UK
Gustavo Silvamaral – Based in Brazil
Tom Coates – Based in UK
Gertruda Gilyte – Based in Germany
Bruce Asbestos – Based in the UK
Nicole Banowetz – Based in US
Charlie Barlow – Based in UK
Flora Mottini – Based in Switzerland
Kavitha Balasingham – Based in UK
Millie Layton – Based in UK
Rosie Gibbens – Based in UK
Trompez La Mort – Based in France
Sadbh O’Brien – Based in Republic of Ireland
William Braithwaite – Based in UK
Alexandra Searle – Based in UK
Rosalynn Gingerich – Based in US
Taryn O’Reilly – Based in UK
Doreen McCarthy – Based in US
Ruth Faulkner – Based in UK
Ellie Turner – Based in UK
Daniel Ferstl – Based in Austria
Pneuhaus – Based in the US

Johannes Steininger @steininger_johannes_m.a._m_a/

About Bad Art

Bad Art is a curatorial project founded in 2016. They aim to challenge the contemporary art world through transgressive exhibitions that offer a different way of interacting with art.  Their shows are a reaction & protest against the hushed silence, white-walled gallery experience. www.badartpresents.com
Founder & Director – Anna Choutova @annachoutova1
Co-Director – Flora Bradwell @florabradwellart

Kalman Pool @kalmanpool



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