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Blown Away: 4 Hand-Blown Glass Goods for the Glass Artist Meets Entrepreneur


Glass blowing is a timeless art that traces back to the 1st century BC. Humans have appreciated items like delicate vases and vibrant jewelry for centuries, and the artform has maintained prevalence to this day. As a result, present-day glass artists have the unique ability to connect with artisans of the past while innovating new techniques and applications. Now, glass-blown art is used to create countless ingenious items, many of which sell for considerable amounts on the market. 

As a skilled glassblower, you have an opportunity to turn your craft into a successful business. Start by finding a specific niche of glass-blown items that will catch a target consumer’s eye. These four glass goods are becoming increasingly popular and are sure to turn your artistry into profit in no time. 

Hand-blown dab rigs 

Dabbing is taking the hemp community by storm, and glass-blowers are cashing in. Artful dab rigs take the average smoking experience to new highs and double as intricate art pieces beloved by stoners. Retailers like MJ Arsenal sell a variety of hand-blown rights, including sleek miniature pieces and complex rigs with multiple chambers. Once you dip your toes into the world of dab rigs, you can hone your craft into a specialized brand offering one-of-a-kind products. Most smokers will pay as much as $300 for a durable rig, or even more depending on the quality. Additionally, most smokers will break their rigs at least once a year, meaning you will have a recurring flow of customers returning for your craftsmanship. 


Surprisingly, the market for unique light fixtures is ever-expanding. Interior designers, glass collectors, and even business owners looking to make a statement at their storefront purchase glass-blown chandeliers. Hand-blown chandeliers are often made of several smaller glass pieces that are fused together in an intricate design. You can also hang a series of independent pendants in one area for a modern look. Whatever your preference, your glass-blown chandeliers could sell for thousands on the right marketplace. 


An experienced glassblower can make several tiny glass beads and pendants at a time. The small pieces make a big statement, and the opportunity for creativity is endless. Glass-blown turtle pendants, spacey orb earrings, and chunky tie-dye necklaces are just a few of what glassblowers can make and sell for profit. Once you build a clientele base, you can even start commissioning your skill for personalized pieces. 


Perhaps the oldest glass-blown item, handmade vases are a staple in every stylish home. Vases are also highly approachable to glassblower beginners and are easy to experiment with different shapes. Whether it’s a classic vase with a delicate handle, a modern bubble glass vase, or a  rustic piece with sharp edges, your handmade vases will attract a variety of customers. 

Closing thoughts 

Glass blowing is a timeless tradition that serves as a passionate hobby for artisans. But with the proper application and determination, you can turn your specialized skill into a lucrative career. 



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