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Tips and tricks to buying the perfect sandals for summer

Truth be told, Sandals are one of the many reasons why people look forward to summer. It’s the time where people put away those sweaty, closed shoes and rock their favourite slides without feeling guilty. A pair of sandals is the ultimate definition of having your cake and eating it. You get the comfort of walking around almost barefoot while having the confidence of your feet being protected.

Nowadays, it’s paramount to invest in a good pair of sandals. They have earned the status of being multipurpose footwear that can be worn to both formal and casual events. For the office, it’s paramount to adorn sandals that speak business and can pair perfectly with the rest of your attire. Bottega Veneta sandals have become one such shoe that is the go-to for any woman in search of style and comfort. When in the market for the perfect sandals to match with the rest of your wardrobe, it’s important to adhere to the below tips as they will search for the ideal sandal for a fun and seamless task;

  • Decide the Purpose

When buying a new pair of sandals, narrow down your variety of choices by deciding the purpose you intend to carry. Are you purchasing the shoe for a casual day out, family events or a busy day at the office? Each of these reasons calls for a distinct style of sandals that will also determine the level of the sandal. For example, a flat pair of sandals on casual wear is an excellent choice for a birthday party as compared to a night out with friends which will need a heeled sandal.

  • Comfort is key

Comfort is an essential factor to consider before you purchase any shoe, however, when it comes to sandals, these two go hand in hand. Sandals come in a variety of styles and designs, some flat others with a small heel. The choice of one over the other is solely dependent on one’s personal style and uniqueness. The choice of the heel will also be determined by how long you will be on your feet. Whichever the case, always choose a style with arch support and comfortable straps to keep your feet secure and well balanced.

  • Flexibility will go the long haul

When buying a pair of sandals, always turn your attention to how soft the material is and the shoe’s sole flexibility. A good and flexible sandal should have the ability to bend effortlessly. Don’t be confused between the flexibility of the sole and the softness of the inner padding. A flexible shoe sole must take a V shape. It’s vital to carry out a bending test at the store before purchasing the sandal. 

  • Size is king

Contrary to popular belief, an ideal sandal should have a little space at the end of the footbed. Leave some room for wiggling as this ensures that your heel doesn’t hang out of the shoe. This being said, always make sure the sandal is not also too large as your foot will likely burble around, putting too much strain on the small bones and joints in your feet. This will see the feet tend to swell when hot especially during summer. 

  • Arch Support for healthy feet

Sandals are designed to make one feel and look good. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean they are always suitable for your feet, especially for heavier women. Though sandals are designed to be light and flexible, sometimes the arch support is not properly installed and may lead to pains and strains. Arch support is crucial in maintaining noble feet’ health, comfort and relief. More great arch support sandals are designed structurally to support arch muscles while shifting your weight away from the forefoot.



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