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5 Artists to see at Art Basel OVR: Pioneers

Art Basel OVR: Pioneers opens to the public tomorrow March 25th and runs through to Midnight on Saturday 27th March here to help you navigate the 100 galleries are 5 artists you need to see.

1 René Heyvaert presented by Clearing

René Heyvaert Untitled (Red-Black-Yellow-Black Ovals), 1971 – 1973 Work on Paper Work on Paper Acrylic gouache on paper Artwork size 59.5 x 77.5 (cm) 23.4 x 30.5 (inch)

This selection of unexhibited works from the 1970s by Belgian artist René Heyvaert offers a survey of his radical and multifaceted approach. Recent recognition of his oeuvre confirms his position as a seminal figure of the Belgian avant-garde. See More

2 Jean Fautrier: Pioneering Informal Art presented by Applicat-Prazan

Jean Fautrier Chrysanthèmes sur une table, 1927 Painting USD 380,000 Painting Oil on canvas Artwork size 65.0 x 81.0 (cm) 25.6 x 31.9 (inch)

In just 6 carefully selected paintings, each one illustrating a key period of the Artist, a presentation of Jean Fautrier’s founding path to Informal Art! All artworks are on display at Applicat-Prazan Rive droite | 14 avenue Matignon | 75008 Paris. See More

Tony Oursler _V%, 2018 Mixed Media Aluminum, acrylic paint, screen, sound Artwork size 128.3 x 94.6 x 8.9 (cm) 50.5 x 37.2 x 3.5 (inch)

Always rooted in the mediums of painting and film, Tony Oursler conjures sculptural and immersive experiences using technologies that hark back to magic lanterns, Victorian light shows, camera obscura and auratic parlour tricks, but that also look forward to the fully networked, digitally assisted future of image and identity production. As a pioneer of video art in early 1970s New York, Oursler specialized in hallucinogenic dramaturgy and radical formal experimentation, employing animation, montage and live action. From performative and low-fi beginnings, Oursler has developed an ever-evolving multimedia and audio-visual practice utilising projections, computers, video screens, sculptures and optical devices, which might take form as large-scale installations or intimate digital effigies or bots, ethereal talking automatons or immersive and sometimes cacophonous environments. See More

Gordon Parks Ondria Tanner and Her Grandmother Window-Shopping, Mobile, Alabama, 1956 Photography Photography Edition of 7 Artwork size 106.7 x 106.7 (cm) 42.0 x 42.0 (inch)

A pioneer of 20th-century photography, Gordon Parks captured the cruelty of Jim Crow without ever allowing his subjects to be defined by suffering. He met poverty and injustice with empathy, not depicting that which was taken, but that which endures. See More

5 Gretchen Bender: Media Art Pioneer presented by Metro Pictures

Gretchen Bender TV Text Image (DREAM NATION), 1989 Installation Installation live television broadcast on 14″ CRT monitor or contemporary monitor, vinyl lettering

Gretchen Bender was a pioneering artist who worked across video, sculpture, computer graphics, photography, print, and installation to interrogate the effects of mass media. See More

OVR: Pioneers Preview (by invitation only) Wednesday, March 24, 2021, 2pm (CET) – Thursday, March 25, 2021 2pm (CET) Public days Thursday, March 25, 2021 2pm (CET) – Saturday, March 27, 2021 midnight (CET)
artbasel.com/ovr or via the Art Basel App Google Play: play.google.com/store/artbasel



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