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First impressions are key. They matter the most and believe it or not, people first notice the shoes you adorn before moving to the other aspects of your outfit. Picking the right pair of shoes is paramount because you are on your feet the majority of the time and the last thing you want are uncomfortable shoes that make you walk like a clown hence draining your self-confidence and affects the posture of your body.

There are plenty of footwear brands in the market that offer a variety of options to women. The choice of one shoe over the other is solely dependent on one’s style and sense of comfort. Some women may have reservation over a particular type of shoe while other women may love the shoes to the core. For instance, Millenials have been seen to gravitate more on trendy footwear that breaks the rules and norms of fashion. They want to wear their short skater dresses with some Balenciaga shoes to make a fashion statement and stand out from the rest. Gen X are more into traditional classic shoes that offer more comfort than style. Regardless of which group you fall in, below are some factors to consider when it comes to styling footwear.

What to wear

It’s vital to first consider what to wear before settling on the shoes. A good outfit is an ultimate base when you want to turn heads. Formal outfits call for more official looks such as brogues and boots while for more laid-back events, heels and flats can work perfectly fine. Color coordinates everything, from the clothes, accessories to the shoes. The look ought to be effortless and well-organized.

Color and Texture

picking the right color of footwear that compliments your skin tone can help build a catchy final look. A versatile color can go with a variety of outfits irrespective of whether it’s official or casual. Color blocking is a great way to spruce up a look. For the not-so fashionable woman, a monochromatic shoe can still be worn, just make sure the outfit has some color to avoid a dull finish.

Consider other accessories

Shoes are an accessory in themselves that should create room for other accessories to flourish. These accessories include hats, scarves, jewellery, handbags, gloves, eyewear and the list goes on and on. The clothes, shoes and accessories should complement each other and create harmony for an elegant finish. When it comes to any accessories, less is often more. Minimize the number of accessories you want to use so that you don’t draw the attention away from the outfit and most importantly, the individual. You can choose to go for a necklace and forego a scarf or carry an oversized handbag and walk jewellery-free.

What’s hot and trendy

It’s often said that the grandest of ideas came about through trying something new. Rules, especially when it comes to fashion can be quite limiting and boring. Our bodies are the perfect canvas that allows us to try out various trends and fads to find out our true style and authenticity. Make the most out of your wardrobe by collecting bits and pieces that speak to your persona and those that don’t. It’s only in trying something different that you can have a stance on your likes and dislikes. For the creatives, the market is flooded with footwear that can tickle your fancy, you simply need to dig in and try as many pieces as possible.



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