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5 Reasons to Try CBD and Experience the Benefits

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Everyone is talking about CBD. In just a few years it has become the greatest phenomenon in health and wellness. For first time users, this can seem a little strange. Many new users wonder ‘what is CBD used for?’ We are going to explore 5 reasons to try CBD and what benefits you can expect. So next time your friend at the gym whips out their CBD roll on stick, you will be in on the latest trend.

Many are speculative about the CBD hype. All the claims made by CBD users can make it seem too good to be true. To make matters worse, the FDA doesn’t allow companies to make any health claims. This makes finding the right CBD product for your goals difficult.

Here are our 5 reasons to try CBD

#1 Getting Better Sleep

We don’t have definitive proof, but it does appear that CBD could help the sleep-wake cycle. Taking CBD sleep gummies before bed is a great way to experience the benefits of CBD. 30 minutes before bed, take your favorite CBD product. Companies are even making products designed specifically for bedtime, infused with melatonin and other natural sleep aids.

A study done in Colorado found that patients with sleep disorders started getting better rest only 1 month after taking CBD capsules 25 mg right before bed. 66% of the 103 human test subjects reported better sleep scores within the first month of the study.

#2 Endocannabinoid Production

CBD is believed to have an indirect effect on our endocannabinoid system. This is where all the hype comes from. Scientists have proven that our bodies naturally produce cannabis-like chemicals. CBD is believed to inhibit enzymes that stop the production of endocannabinoids.

The endocannabinoid system or ECS is made up of endocannabinoid receptors. They are directly affected by endocannabinoids. Experts believe that the ECS is responsible for regulating major bodily functions.

#3 CBD is Non-Intoxicating

If you are looking to try CBD oil, don’t expect to get high. While CBD has the same chemical makeup as its fellow endocannabinoid that produces the notorious high, it is structured differently. THC binds with a serotonin-producing endocannabinoid receptor. This floods the brain with serotonin in turn producing a euphoric high.

CBD’s structure doesn’t allow the chemical to bind with the CB1 receptor responsible for producing the intoxicating high associated with THC. 

#4 No Side-Effects

CBD is tolerated well in humans even in extremely high doses. There are rare instances when CBD has caused fatigue, stomach aches, and loss of appetite. These occurrences are rare, most people don’t have any problems with handling even doses of tens of thousands of milligrams at a time.

#5 CBD for Relaxation

There are tons of anecdotal evidence to suggest that CBD can help users relax. Studies have been done looking at CBD’s relationship with speaking in front of crowds. This seems like a way for scientists to spend their time, but public speaking is some people’s #1 fear. CBD performed well in a study that measured the speaker’s heart rates and blood pressure when taking CBD and when speaking without it.

If you have been hearing the hype about CBD but haven’t tried it yet, what do you have to lose? There aren’t any side-effects of CBD oil and it doesn’t get users high. If you do decide to try CBD for the first time, you need to take it consistently over a few weeks. This gives CBD a chance to promote healthy endocannabinoid production. Only then will you be able to experience the CBD oil benefits.



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