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Jagger’s Jewells

I had the best time hanging out and talking jewels with @jadejezebejagger. Not only are her designs gorgeous, but they also epitomise a flawless crossover between fashion, art and design. Personally, I love when mediums are blurred because the result is often complicated and wonderful when done properly of course. Jagger uses silver and gold to create each piece and set her precious and semi-precious stones in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

Since starting the brand, Jagger has built various collections each with their respective themes, seamlessly crafting something for everyone. The skull collection is one of my favourites as it represents living every day as its your last. “The skull is not just about death,” Jagger’s husband Adrian Fillary explains, “it’s all about recognising our own mortality.” Because, if humans can recognise our own mortality, then “we can live life to the fullest.” 

Just like any photograph, painting, or sculpture, each collection (and in fact each piece of jewellery) has its own personal and meaningful story. The jewellery is undeniably gorgeous; Whether it’s an ornate emerald and pearl cuff, or a long moonstone necklace (made specifically for Kate Moss) the gems sparkle and shine. But underneath their shimmery surface each piece has a narrative that quietly, yet persistently, commands attention. 

The Cayote is another one of Jagger’s signature symbols. “I wanted to do something focused on my heritage.” The designer is half Nicaraguan (her mother Bianca Jagger is a well-known activist) So, Jagger travelled to Central America (Mexico and Nicaragua specifically) to do some exploring. Travel is another essential component in Jagger’s design as various far away countries and  continents exude the exotic inspiration the designer needs. Said countries provide not only inspiration but also the physical stones that compile Jagger’s designs. 

 Her wearable works of art are hard to find, and she likes it this way. We asked Jade why she doesn’t sell her jewellery on more commercial platforms and she said “well that’s the secret.” 

Previously, Jagger sold her wears with Barney’s, but we all know what happened there… A few pieces are available on Matches, and Jagger’s jewellery filled trunk show/ cocktail party evenings are not to be missed, but other than these special appearances, you don’t see the jewellery strewn about, begging to be bought. In other words, one wouldn’t label the Rockstar daughter’s high fashion line prolific.

 While occasionally frustrating for those of us who seek instant gratification (at all times,) the jewellery’s unavailability only adds to its ‘have to have it’—ness.
A lack of mass production and constant availability serves to heighten each collection’s appeal and makes each piece that much more special. 


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