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Jeremy Deller aims fire at Rupert Murdoch in a new limited-edition fundraising print

Jeremy Deller Artists impression of the Murdoch family home in Sydney Australia on fire With thanks to Fraser Muggeridge Studio

This limited-edition print has been created by artist Jeremy Deller, in response to a request from Harry Burden and Emily Taylor, the Australian directors of London based framing business, FRAME London. Sales of the print will raise funds for the victims of the worst bushfires in Australia’s history, whose recovery has been hampered by the global spread of COVID-19.

The artwork is the artist’s impression of one of the Australian residences of the Murdoch family engulfed in smoke and flames.

The print will be sold in aid of the community organisation Mallacoota and District Recovery Association. Images of the fire ravaged town of Mallacoota and its residents sheltering on the beach became front page news around the world.

To raise additional funds FRAME London is currently organising an auction of artwork by artists including Lisa Brice, Nick Goss, Donna Huddleston, Jeremy Deller, Sue Webster, David Noonan and Boy George to take place in early 2021.

Shocked and saddened by the devastation of the bushfires on our homeland we aimed to hold an auction earlier this year to raise funds, but our plans were put on hold during lockdown. The restrictions imposed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 has hindered the recovery of victims and many feel they have been forgotten. We are incredibly grateful to Jeremy Deller for contributing this artwork and we are overwhelmed by the generosity of the artists who have donated works for the auction to help raise funds and awareness.

Harry Burden and Emily Taylor, Directors FRAME London said

Print details:
Jeremy Deller
Artist’s impression of the Murdoch family home in Sydney, Australia on fire (2020) With thanks to Fraser Muggeridge Studio and Make-Ready
Signed limited edition print, edition of 100
£150 (incl. shipping and VAT)
£300 (incl. VAT) framed in eucalyptus with ash dust spray
Available from today 16th December 2020 exclusively at framelondon.com

All proceeds from the sale of both framed and unframed prints (minus shipping costs) will be donated to the Mallacoota and District Recovery Association. To donate visit their website



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