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The all-new Scout Camper by CreaCon

We Love the all-new Scout Camper by CreaCon is a travelling solution for the solo traveller.

‘with the scout, you are perfectly equipped for any long holiday trip, sufficient storage space for all everyday items, protected from inclement weather behind 15 mm-thick, high-strength composite panels. protected from prying eyes but also from the rain, being able to dress at full standing height: that’s quality of life!’


The Scout Camper is currently available in two variants compact and center Made of 15 mm thick, high-strength composite panels the Scout Camper offers protection from weather and privacy. tThanks to its folding mechanism, it can be transformed from a compact box to a camper in just three minutes. depending on the model, three different storage spaces offer around 350 – 550 litres of storage space for clothes, sleeping bags, groceries, table and chairs etc .

Outside urban areas, people who travel individually and sustainably by bike outside of mass tourism, acknowledge their responsibility not only to enjoy their own bike trip in the current moment, but to behave in such a way that this remains possible in the future. The Scout is built with a state-of-the-art lightweight structure designed to save weight and increase resource efficiency. thus the saving of raw materials, costs and energy in the manufacture, use, and recycling of the camper.

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