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Brooklyn-based ‘love for both of us’ collaborate with artist Robert Lazzarini for the first collection.

love for both of us is a Brooklyn-based company that collaborates with internationally exhibiting artists to make high-end jewellery. The name comes from the aphorism “If you don’t love me, it does not matter, anyway I can love for both of us,” penned by the 18th-century French author Stendhal. The phrase speaks to the intimacy of collaboration and the generosity of the creative process. 

love for both of us grew out of my love for contemporary art. It is a way for me to collaborate with amazing artists that inspire me with their singular visions and unique observations. The power of the jewelry comes directly out of the energy emanating from the artist’s studio. 

I have always been interested in artistic practices that have a deep current yet feel very relevant. The first collaborations are with artists Robert Lazzarini, Mark Flood and the artist duo Jonah Freemen and Justin Lowe. These artists couple formal rigor with an authentic voice. I felt that this was a unique opportunity to make jewelry that was not mainstream and more progressive.

Each piece is made by hand by master artisans and highly skilled craftspeople. love for both of us uses the finest materials to create precise details with an uncompromising standard.

The first pieces are based on Robert Lazzarini’s sculptures, appropriations of gold-toned Hollywood Regency reliefs. Sections of mathematically distorted florals are finished in 22 karat gold with off-white hand-painted enamel petals. The subject conjures Mid-Century Modern style and the re-representation of nature. 

At any time, it is challenging to start a company. Of course, doing so in the time of Covid makes it exponentially more difficult. Yet, I’ve been fueled by both the energy and the fight of NYC. I feel even more empowered by getting through these difficult times and coming out on the other side with these truly amazing projects.  I’m beyond thrilled to share these very special pieces with you.

With love Holly Brown Lazzarini


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