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The Top 5 Art Exhibitions to see in London before the second Lockdown

Tabish Khan the @LondonArtCritic has picked five exhibitions to see in London. Each one comes with a concise review to help you decide whether it’s for you. There’s still time to catch all of his recommendations from last week and most of his Mayfair recommendations. All exhibitions are free to visit, some may require booking ahead. No end dates are provided as it is currently unclear if they will re-open post-second lockdown.

Andy Holden: The Structure of Feeling @ Block 336
Hop on a mobility scooter and see some art – not something I ever thought I’d write. In this ‘ghost train’ I drive around plugging into videos with my headphones and listening to heavy philosophical videos, all featuring a cartoon avatar of the artist – in one case rattling off extracts from Freud’s interpretations of dreams while walking through a haunted house. Coupled with installations including a 3D model of the avatar lying in state this in one mind bending exhibition.

Andrew Salgado: Strange Weather @ Beers London
From a solitary man lost in thought to a huge assembly of human forms, Andrew Salgado’s paintings return in an exhibition bursting with colour, with plenty of nods to the Old Masters. With a bright red carpet and oranges rolling around the gallery it’s time to step into his gallery of painterly delights.

David Wightman: My Atalanta @ Long & Ryle
Stunning mountain landscapes resonating with bright colours surround me in these paintings that incorporate textured wallpaper to give them added depth. These works are a beautiful contemporary take on the classic landscape paintings we’re used to seeing in the likes of The National Gallery.

Pioneers: Nick Smith @ Rhodes Contemporary
American art icons from Edward Hopper’s The Nighthawks and The Simpsons on the sofa are recreated in Nick Smith’s trademark colour swatches where each colour has a name that resonates with the artist’s own personal experiences. Even abstracted in this way each work still remains recognisable showing the power these images have in our society today.

William Mackinnon @ Simon Lee
Sun bleached landscapes of his native Australia capture the barren landscape so well it’s as if you can feel the heat radiating from them. The fantastic paintings were painted by Mackinnon while he was isolating during lockdown and it only seems fitting to see them before we go into another one.

All images copyright the artist and courtesy the gallery.



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