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Hotel Happiness

Hotel Happiness is an interactive online exhibition inhabited by artworks and commissioned writings. Initially, the show takes the form of a website for a fictional hotel, the viewer is then led via a link to the online 3D hotel, a navigable space hosting the artworks that the guests can explore.

Hotel Happiness, Ice Room, installation view
Hotel Happiness, Ice Room, installation view

From an Executive Penthouse to a Honeymoon Love Suite and a Back to Nature Retreat, viewers can visit five themed rooms from different worlds. Drawing from the current importance of access to the online world, the exhibition echoes the way the internet flattens everything to exist in one space. Taking advantage of the incongruous existence of hotels under the current situation, the virtual show considers how tourism reifies ideas of place, retreats and travel and the construction of subjectivities through objects, images and spaces. Whilst visiting the hotel viewers will encounter the works of 23 artists in various mediums such as video, painting, photograph, sculpture and fictional writings, including a tour in the form of an audio guide.

Rafal Zajko, Dangerous Liaisons, ice, pigment, steel, tension springs and cotton tread, 2018
Rafal Zajko Dangerous Liaisons ice pigment steel tension springs and cotton tread 2018

Exhibiting artists and writers:

Paul Chapellier, Bronte Dow, Saskia Fischer, Beverley Gadsden, Paul Gaudet and Payne Crencil, Gabriella Hirst, Tamar Katz, Daniel V. Keller, Tomasz Kobialka, Yushi Li, Yen Chun Lin, Kineret Lourie, Ross Ludlam,  Hamish Morrow, Miriam Naeh, Ariel Narunsky, Eleni Odysseos, Jenna Rothstein, Sasha Tamarin , Sonja Teszler ,Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger ,Camille Yvert,Rafal Zajko.

Kineret Lourie, Proxy Twitch, video still, 2020
Kineret Lourie Proxy Twitch video still 2020

Curated by: Paul Chapellier  Beverley Gadsden  Miriam Naeh

Hotel Happiness, group show – 24th October 2020
hotelhappiness.online @hotel_happiness_

Tamer Katz, The Cliff, video still, 2020
Tamer Katz The Cliff video still 2020



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