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THORP STAVRI present the exhibition CONTACT @worldoffad

In these uncertain times, it has become integral to our physical wellbeing to keep our distance. But it has also become imperative to our mental wellbeing to remain in contact. The ways we interact with each other has shifted, for the most part, but it remains as vital as ever to stay connected.

CONTACT features artists that THORP STAVRI have previously worked with – forming both professional and personal relationships – as well as those they had planned to work with in the future before Covid-19 disrupted their programming.

As the art world slows down and shifts online, all featured artists have had projects cancelled or postponed and their careers put on hold indefinitely. CONTACT offers an antidote to this, giving a platform to showcase work in spite of current challenges. Many of the works have been created in lockdown, further mirroring the new normal. The situation we’ve all found ourselves in can be seen as an opportunity: a catalyst for adaptation and a lesson in communication. In times when it would be easy to let relationships diminish and creativity lose momentum, it’s more important than ever to remain in contact.

The exhibition will go live on our  Instagram page @worldoffad on Monday 04.05.2020 and features work from Mike BallardRob BraniganJack EvansKatharina FitzKieran Leach, Veronika NeukirchAnna PerachAnna ReadingCatriona RobertsonChristopher SteadTess Williams and Andrea V Wright

CONTACT presented by THORP STARVI 4th May 2020 @worldofad 



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