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‘After the Performance’ at Tension Fine Art

Quilla Constance Hybrid Costume-Painting-Performance Installation – in her studio, 2020
Quilla Constance Hybrid Costume-Painting-Performance Installation – in her studio, 2020 Tension Fine Art

‘After the Performance’ at Tension Fine Art – It’s tempting to contrast object and performance, but a physical object often results from a performance, and the making of an object – be it sculpture, painting, drawings, film etc. – is itself a performance of sorts. ‘After the Performance’ highlights eight artists whose performative practice leads to a result which might be categorised differently, and artists whose production, even if it isn’t categorised as a ‘performance’, carries a strongly performative element. In all these examples, the indirect presence of the performance is a significant contributor to the charge generated by the apparently non-performative result.

Featured artists: Alice Anderson, Quilla Constance, Matt Calderwood, William Cobbing, Rosie Gibbens, Liv Fontaine, Jenny Klein, Graham Silveria Martin, Anna Perach, Katarina Rankovic.

Curated by Paul Carey-Kent and Rosie Gibbens  

‘After the Performance’ opens on Thursday 7th September 6-9 pm at Tension Fine Art, Penge, 135 Maple Road, London  SE20 8LP

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We are an artist run gallery dedicated to showcasing the work and raising the profiles of emerging and mid career local, national and international artists. We show a mixture of contemporary & experimental art that questions what art is and what art could be.



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