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Massimo De Carlo launch new virtual space with works from John Armleder and Rob Pruitt.

John Armleder and Rob Pruitt

Massimo De Carlo has announced the opening of a new space a virtual space: Massimo De Carlo Virtual Space (Vspace). On the 14th of April 2020 at 5pm CET they will inaugurate the first exhibition conceived for this new gallery with works by John Armleder and Rob Pruitt.

Massimo De Carlo Virtual Space is the first virtual space of its kind in the art world: constructed with the newest technologies, VSpace is a complete immersive walkable experience that any viewer can enjoy through their website (www.massimodecarlo.com) or through your Oculus glasses hardware. Moreover, because of its digital identity, the VSpace is completely flexible and adaptable to any exhibition scenario: it is the first space that depends upon the works of art, and not vice versa.

Massimo De Carlo said <blockquote>“The history of my gallery reflects an innovative spirit in adventuring in unprecedented, historically charged, distinctive spaces globally. With our new Virtual Space we feel we’re stepping into a future where artists will have the chance to interact with architecture with an extraordinary freedom while collectors, critics, curators and the general public will have the opportunity to experience art from home like never before.”</blockquote>


Featuring a joint show with influential Swiss artist John Armleder, and new works by American post-conceptual artist Rob Pruitt, the space is launched with jovial and conceptual tone; equally elucidating on the architectural gravitas of the gallery’s surroundings. John Armleder will present a series of iconic works that embody the necessary playful statements that are key in the artist’s multi-layered practice: colorful, abstract and geometrical reflections around the notion of space. On the other hand, Pruitt’s signature tongue in cheek wit mystifies melancholy and layers of separation by analyzing the infinite, and increasingly relevant, semiology of squares, screens and tokens.

Massimo De Carlo VSpace has been conceived and built by innovative web designers and IT technicians using real-time technology. The 3D virtual reality real-time rendering can calculate an enormous series of 3D images at high speed, allowing the viewer to have a photorealistic and interactive experience, crossing boundaries between physicality and hyper reality. The result is an unprecedented experience in an engaging space, defining a complete new way to enjoy art from your home and at the same time a parenthesis for contemplation in the image-loaded realm of our mobile phones and desktops.


From April 14th until April 30th Massimo De Carlo VSpace web version will be available on their website Instructions to access Massimo De Carlo VSpace from your Oculus Quest will follow.
Opening April 14th 2020, 5pm CET (Milan) /
4pm GMT (London) /
11pm HKT (Hong Kong) /
8am PST (Los Angeles) /
11am EST (New York)



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