Vortic – an extended reality (XR) platform for the art world announces launch

‘A mockup of the Vortic Curate App showing a VR representation or Grayson Perry's exhibition Super Rich Interior Decoration at Victoria Miro. All works © Grayson Perry, courtesy Victoria Miro
‘A mockup of the Vortic Curate App showing a VR representation or Grayson Perry’s exhibition Super Rich Interior Decoration at Victoria Miro. All works © Grayson Perry, courtesy Victoria Miro

Today (Tuesday) it was announced that Vortic – a new extended reality (XR) platform for the art world – will launch in April 2020. The platform provides a sustainable and engaging way for galleries to reach collectors from any location in the world by offering customisable virtual gallery spaces, supported by two seamlessly integrated virtual and augmented reality apps. Vortic will launch with a co-presentation of works by artists represented by David Zwirner and Victoria Miro.

Vortic offers customised solutions for galleries to exhibit works of art using the most advanced augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. Developed over a three-year period by artworld insiders, Vortic was created to respond to the current needs of the art world, and to address the unique demands of today’s market which increasingly requires galleries to seek creative ways to engage digitally.

Using ground-breaking software and rendering techniques that have never before been used in the industry, Vortic will be the first platform of its kind to incorporate three-dimensional works including sculpture and textiles, as well as 2D works. Offering the highest quality digital viewing experiences currently available for works of art, Vortic is made up of three platforms – Vortic Curate, Vortic Collect and Vortic VR. Through these platforms, collectors will be able to make direct real-time enquiries with galleries.

Vortic Curate is a content management system (CMS) which will allow galleries to create bespoke XR viewing experiences for their collectors by providing a platform to curate and publish exhibitions. With Vortic Curate, galleries will be able to choose from digital gallery spaces of different dimensions that are fully customisable, or have their own physical gallery space captured photogrammetrically using the latest high-resolution 3D scanning technology. Within these virtual spaces they can then mount interactive and immersive exhibitions, precisely controlling every detail of how the works are displayed. In addition to creating digital versions of their physical exhibitions, galleries will be able to create XR-only exhibitions to sit alongside their physical programming or curate private gallery rooms tailored to the interests of specific collectors.

These exhibitions will be available for collectors to engage with via Vortic Collect, an AR app available on smartphone and tablet devices. The app will allow collectors to receive invitations to exhibitions by leading galleries, including virtual private views, art fair previews and exhibitions tailored to their collecting interests. Collectors can navigate these exhibitions from any location in the world and view works of art from every angle. Using augmented reality collectors will also be able to view how works would look in-situ and to scale in their homes.

Working seamlessly with Vortic Collect, Vortic VR is a second app from Vortic which will enable audiences to fully immerse themselves in XR exhibitions, private views and art fair previews. Supported by Oculus VR headset technology, the virtual reality app will enable audiences to experience exhibitions in 3D, moving freely through gallery spaces as though they were physically walking through them. Works will be viewed with the highest quality resolution, privately and up-close from any angle, creating a nearly tactile experience.


The Vortic Collect app will be available to download from the App Store and the Vortic VR app will be available for download from the Oculus Store.

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