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Art Basel Miami 2023: Art, Calamari & Robots

Art Basel Miami 2023: Art, Calamari & Robots- Miami Art Week 2023, oh, what a wild ride it was!

Picture this: Us, a drawing robot, beef jerky, and electrolytes. Once again, we found ourselves basking in the Miami sun, participating in the vibrant artistic extravaganza that is Art Basel. The journey kicked off with the debut of our drawing robot, thanks to Rodolfo Peraza’s gracious invitation to the current exhibition at MUD Foundation.

As last time, we’re here to give you the scoop on the hottest happenings with the only objective of leaving you inspired – the PEOPLE YOU SHOULD FOLLOW, the EXHIBITS YOU SHOULD SEE, and the TALKS YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO.

This is not just a recap; it’s an unordered and undated diary of the delightful joyride that a two-week “retreat” in the warm Miami winter was.

Opening of The Museum of Sex: A Sensory Overload

The Museum of Sex opened its doors, offering a unique blend of cultural intrigue and wild party vibes. From historic collections to provocative paintings by Hajime Sorayama, the event was an exploration of human sexuality, complete with bouncy castles, inflatable breasts, and penis-shaped shot syringes – talk about a spectacle!

Mirabella at Fontainebleau Miami Beach

This exceptional new restaurant by award-winning Chef Michael presents the rare opportunity to indulgently eat and still leave feeling up for a night out.  Picture this: balmy ocean breezes wafting through a chic, David Collins Studio-designed space, where floor-to-ceiling windows frame glittering turquoise waters and a vibrant mosaic bar shimmers under a canopy of Serena & Lily shades. Each dish is a breathtaking ode to the Italian coastline, with fresh seafood plucked straight from the azure depths and vibrant vegetables bursting with sunshine.  We ate literally everything, fully satisfied, and still left feeling light and ready to stay out way too late.  

Photos: © Moris Moreno

Workshop Exploring Art, Robotics, and Algorithms with Drawing Robots – MUD Foundation

photo María Peguero

Our workshop at the MUD Foundation delved into the workings of art, robotics, and algorithms, sparking intriguing conversations among old and new friends. We discussed about plastic surgery trends in online communities, the materialization of digital realities in the analog world, and the implications of open-source code in the art world.

Honorable mention to Laurence de Valmy, artist already highlighted Gretchen’s Miami article in 2021, who is now on view in the exhibition at MUD Foundation. 

ICA Exhibitions: Tapestries of Beauty and Activism

photo María Peguero

Swooning over Sahana Ramakrishnan’s “The Closing” at ICA – a meticulous and intricate piece that most of us can only wish we could hang in our living room. Charles Gaines’ exhibition, featuring musical scores of activism speeches, revealed the tension between the mathematical logic of music and the irrational reality these speeches aimed to change.

Exhibit to see: Charles Gaines: 1992 – 2023

Person to follow: Sahana Ramakrishnan, artist

Mandolin Aegean Bistro: A Culinary Odyssey

Imagine being in Greece – that’s the vibe at Mandolin Aegean Bistro. Deliciously intense food and wine, fantastic service, and an atmosphere that screams “holiday in the Greek Isles”. Calamari lovers, you’re in for a treat. Opa!

Person to follow: Anastasia Koutsioukis, founder of Mandolin Restaurant

Zapata Gallery hosted the Power Interfaces exhibition, a harmonious blend of two powerful artists’ distinct visions on Cuba. The interactive domino game and the thought-provoking placement of Jesus among dictators sparked conversations about art, politics, and societal power dynamics.

Exhibit to see: Power Interfaces at Zapata Gallery

Love Brunch at the Beach

Snagging an açai bowl to-go, because why not brunch on the beach? Love Brunch was all about good vibes and good eats. Servers were friendly, and customization was the name of the game – açai bowl with PB, coconut flakes, granola, and strawberries highly recommended. 

Art Basel Fair: Where Fine Art Met Fine Conversations

Art Basel Fair, the epicenter of the art extravaganza, was a feast for the eyes. Fine art photography and prints took center stage, alongside collage works that cleverly subverted political and cultural narratives. People-watching is always a delight, although we couldn’t help but crave more riveting chats beyond the realm of fabulous outfits.

Talk to listen to: Biohacking Creativity: What Does It Mean for Non-Humans to Make Art?

Collector’s House Discussion with Sean Moss-Pultz

A rendezvous at Pablo Rodríguez-Fraile’s house turned into a deep dive into the world of digital art collecting. We explored “physical” incarnations of digital works, from Andres Reisinger’s chair to a quilt inspired by Gee’s Bend. A discussion with Sean Moss-Pultz unfolded the magic behind Feral File’s MoMA postcards, a project aiming to demystify NFTs through a playful chain of artistic collaboration.

Person to follow: Pablo Rodríguez-Fraile, collector, digital art patron, and maths genius

MoMA PS1 Party: Poolside Revelry

The MoMA PS1 party was a poolside affair with a youthful energy. A mesmerizing surprise performance by Earth-Eater, who literally dove into the pool during her act, set the tone for a night of art, music, and adventure. Local Miami creatives guided us to the Sandwicherie for a late-night snack and Mac’s Club Deuce, an iconic dive bar, for a perfect nightcap.

Sukeban – Japanese Wrestling at Lot11 Skatepark 

A new addition to the Miami scene, Sukeban brought Japanese wrestling to Lot11 Skatepark. The candy-colored latex outfits and choreographed fights turned the ring into a canvas for dramatic dance, followed by a post-fight rave with neon merch galore. It was our first wrestling experience, and the controlled slams left us speechless.

Tezos Art Walk: NFTs in Public Spaces

Tezos Art Walk brought digital art to the streets of Miami, showcasing the diversity of NFT works. From design-focused pieces to traditional fine art backgrounds, the walk revealed the expansive range of NFT creativity. 

Untitled Art Fair Talk – Oliver Miro: Exploring VR Perspectives

The panel talk at Untitled, particularly Oliver Miro’s insights into VR, provided a fresh perspective. His focus on Vortic and the idea of a hybrid form of showing art in VR for sustainability resonated with us: emphasizing the beauty of experiencing art in real life + having VR as an extension <3

Talk to listen to: Vortic Founder Oliver Miro in conversation with Untitled Art Ambassador, Adam Green

Miami Art Week 2023 was a whirlwind of creativity, culture, and unexpected delights. From art fairs to beach brunches, wrestling matches to intimate talks, the week encapsulated the lively spirit of Miami’s art scene. 

Until next year, cheers to the beautiful chaos that is Miami Art Week!

And see you in LA for Frieze?


Gretchen Andrew’s Studio Team with FAD Magazine



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