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Art Basel and Parley for the Oceans launch partnership at Art Basel Miami Beach 2023

Art Basel and Parley for the Oceans have announced a partnership and launch ‘Art for the Oceans’, a global fundraising initiative to protect Oceans, Climate and Life against plastic pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss. Art Basel Miami Beach 2023 will mark the beginning of the partnership.

Julian Schnabel, Oceans, Climate, Life (2015/2023). Banners. (By the artist for Parley for the Oceans)

We started Parley over a decade ago and have built a global organization to protect our oceans, the climate’s regulating lifeforce. Now we are returning to where it all started — to Art Basel, to the art community. And it is here, where we are asking for support to rapidly grow our global impact and scale our programs. This might be the last moment where we can still turn things around, where we can still prevent the collapse of this magical blue planet we all call home. Let’s act swiftly, boldly and without doubt and hesitation. Let’s give all we can for the Oceans, Climate and Life!

Cyrill Gutsch, Founder of Parley for the Oceans,

As a cultural referent for our societies, the art world can play a significant role in safeguarding the planet and creating a more sustainable future. Art for the Oceans is a fundraising initiative calling for support for initiatives that help protect marine ecosystems and bolster community-led responses to urgent ecological threats. To that end, the initiative will see Parley’s Global Cleanup Network remove 1 lb of plastic for every $1 donated through the program and will support education and ocean programs designed to support Parley’s mission of transforming harmful and toxic materials, products and systems to create a better future where clean and healthy oceans connect us all.

For the first time, Parley will have a presence at an Art Basel show. A Parley display at the West Lobby will invite visitors to explore the beauty and fragility of our oceans through video, imagery and art – storytelling that communicates the urgency of the environmental crisis and the reality of the world that we all live in.

Parley Artist Edition Ocean Bags Each bag funds the clean-up of 20 pounds of marine plastic waste. Protect the Oceans with a limited-edition reusable tote made in collaboration with renowned contemporary artists.

Parley will introduce its artist-designed surfboards and limited-edition ocean bags, featuring works by leading contemporary artists including Ed Ruscha, Jenny Holzer, Katharina Grosse, Pipilotti Rist, Doug Aitken and more. The bags are made with Parley Ocean Plastic®, a premium material created from up-cycled plastic waste recovered from remote islands, waters and coastlines by Parley’s Global Cleanup Network. Each bag is made from approximately five intercepted plastic bottles.

Parley will host guided tours during the public days of Art Basel Miami Beach, December 8th-10th. The tours will highlight key artworks around the theme of sustainability and will invite visitors to discover how art can transcend barriers of language and culture — and why art, and the artist, are therefore the perfect messengers for change. Tours will run for 1 hour, and tickets will cost $35 which will be donated to the Parley Foundation. MORE INFO HERE

Parley will also present a striking triptych by artist, filmmaker, and long-term collaborator, Julian Schnabel, in Collins Park. Titled Oceans, Climate, Life – the large-scale artwork invites viewers to reflect on their place in nature and to appreciate the lifeblood that allows for their existence. The artwork was originally created to illustrate Parley’s mission at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in 2015, bringing the oceans to the forefront of crucial climate change negotiations in the lead-up to COP21.

I painted ‘Oceans, Climate, Life’ to announce Parley and their frst big summit at the United Nations, June 2015 in New York. ‘Climate’ — a painting of Danny Fuller surfng at the pipeline — hung on the side of the UN building to share the urgency of the climate crisis. We are now showing all three works during Art Basel Miami Beach in front of the Bass Museum in support of Parley’s work to change the destiny of our planet. Protecting the oceans goes far beyond protecting marine wildlife. Protecting the oceans
means protecting humanity.

Julian Schnabel, Artist,




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