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This valentine’s day Rankin investigates the future of love with a new exhibition

RANKIN Snog, 2000

As we enter the 2020s, there is a growing acceptance that the 21st century is an era of individualism, bringing with it a new set of values and a completely new relationship rulebook. Liberated from traditional constraints, we’ve entered a new age of self- expression, independence and authenticity, accelerated by the tricks, tools and seductive offerings of the digital revolution.

Jordan & Luca Rankin Loves 2020

Rankin says:

“When I first met my wife Tuuli, she literally took my breath away. But when I look at relationships in this new digital world, everything feels so solitary and at arm’s-length or, even worse, based on algorithms. I wanted to explore the ideas of romance and love in a positive and upbeat way. Where interaction and feelings are as important as swiping right or likes.”

For the new generation, love is about authentic connections, not gender. 49% of British people aged 18-24 are choosing something other than heterosexual partnerships, as revealed when asked to plot themselves on a “sexuality scale”, and the younger generations are less interested in gender labels and more interested in being true to themselves. This exhibition and short film documentary sets out to explore where love and relationships are going and what that means for us all.

Social media and dating apps mean the rise and promotion of being single couldn’t be more prominent among young adults. For example, “72% of young Millennials ‘have made a conscious decision’ to stay single for a period of time.” Where does that leave love? In a world that never stops; where our opportunities to connect with one another have never been greater; where the politics of love and relationships are becoming ever more complex; and where satisfied singledom is a rising trend, Hold Your Breath is a fresh and honest look at modern romance.

Hold Your Breath will explore these themes and ask the question, what does love mean now and for the future?

Scarlett-Beth-RankinLoves-2020 FAD MAGAZINE
Scarlett Beth Rankin Loves 2020

“I really believe we are all toddlers in this digital world – we’re all experiencing these things for the first time,”

Rankin adds.

“So I felt it would be interesting to turn my lens to romance and love. Like most people, I think Valentine’s Day is a sham. It’s just another way to commercialise and commodify an important part of our lives. But I’m a romantic at heart and I still believe in love for the sake of love – whoever you’re loving.”

The pop-up exhibition at Annroy is open for 10 days. Running from the 13th to the 22nd February 2020, the exhibition will include a presentation of the new series of photographs exploring the subject, a live shoot with Rankin, a free photo booth (the world-famous Rankomat) and a store selling archive books and prints from Rankin’s large body of work.

The show itself will celebrate love but in all its raw and unfiltered honesty. From loved up enbys to promiscious pensioners and everything in between.

Rankin concludes:

“Hold Your Breath is an exploration of love it will celebrate honesty in relationships, whatever way that expresses itself.”

Rankin Hold Your Breath 13th to the 22nd February 2020, ANNROY Gallery 110-114 Grafton Road London NW5 4BA



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