Seven cool Artists to see at Frieze London 2019

Seven Artists to see at Frieze London 2019.

H7 Patrick Staff Commonwealth & Council @patrick.staff

Patrick Staff Commonwealth & Council

H31 Sultana Jean Claracq @jeanclaracq

Sultana Jean Claracq

G10 Sfeir Semler Etel Adnan #eteladnan

Sfeir Semler  Etel Adnan FAD MAGAZINE

E6 Simon Lee Donna Huanca

Simon Lee Donna Huanca

D1 Peres Projects Rebecca Ackroyd @rebeccaackroyd

Peres Projects Rebecca Ackroyd

A1 Carl Freedman Katherine Bernhardt @kbernhardt2014

Carl Freedman Katherine Bernhardt

B5 Lisson Joyce Pensanto @joycepensato

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