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Olafur Eliasson and Carlo Ratti collaborate on robot that charts the sun

Olafur Eliasson has teamed up with architect Carlo Ratti to create a celestial mapping robot that brings together Olafur’s Little Sun and Carlo’s Scribit.


Scribit is a drawing robot that turns any wall into a write-and-erase board. The robot can move across any vertical surface drawing an image in marker pen from digital information that it has received. It is also able to remember where it has travelled and go over the marks at a later point to erase them.

For this collaboration, the Scribit robot has been programmed to make an ever-changing chart showing the position of the sun in the sky, with the celestial body represented by a yellow-petalled disc, that resembles the Little Sun lamp.

To create an illustration, you choose a location, date and time for the specific position of the sun you want to capture, through Scribit’s accompanying app. You can update this input as often as you like, to chart the course of the sun.
The Little Sun illustration is the first in a series called Scribit Originals, which will feature work by well-known artists, poets and designers.
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