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5 Visual Storytelling Trends that are shaping the Future of Communication

For communication today, visual storytelling is essential. From visual reality to films, data visualization, and interactive games, visual stories have a lot of room in the society today. They play a huge role in the marketing of products and other messages sent to the audiences.

While most of the marketers are only figuring this out now, the filmmakers and media storytelling departments have been rapidly making use of this technique. It can be seen from the fantastic games that help feed the homeless and the use of characters to have frequently dull conversations. These visual storytelling methods allow people to take part in an adventure they want. They are also a perfect way to feel next to no difference between fiction and reality.

Five storytelling trends that are gaining popularity and are most likely to change the future of all communication-related fields are examined below.

1.Unending stories
Today, people are spending hours on their social media account. They are looking for captivating narratives, and therefore the need for these is insatiable. In many cases, they will keep visiting the accounts of people who publish interesting stories on a daily basis. Audiences never want the tales to end. Just have a look at the rebooting classic movies and the TV shows that are trending, even if these sequels are rarely useful, they allow the movie studios to continue making profits even years after production. It will improve the future of communication. As a result, the appeal for visual stories will run increasingly parallel to the lives of people. It ensures that stories occur in real time and will happen every day of the week. The urge for such experience has boosted the popularity of such apps as Periscope and Meerkat, which allow you to go live any time you want. There are moments when a person needs to get something off their chest. The possibility to stream live and share your thought with the audiences will not only make you feel better but also enhance your speaking skills. As a result, it is hard to be alone, if you don’t want to.

2.Interactive storytelling
There is a growing popularity for the unique hybrid form of interactive stories. The seamless integration of a number of media that include written words, still images, interactive graphs, animations, and maps. The interactive stories are giving way for the new forms of transmedia storytelling in the convergence culture. The biggest advantage of such communication is that users are limited only by the created setting, the rest is up to their imagination. The versatility is a great format because it gives the users the freedom to move through the information offered and select the narrative paths that are offered and go as deep as they can into a certain topic.

Formulating such stories is difficult and costly for most companies, it is much easier to get assignment help for UK students. However, numerous systems have already been created, and they can be easily utilised at the workplace. When colleagues take part in such games, they have a chance not only to learn each other better but also boost their team-spirit and interaction. Such activity is especially useful among unfamiliar people that need to get to know each other better to handle a project they work on together successfully.

3.Internet of things
This is also called the network of everything. It is a network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, electronics, and software which allow them to be sensed and controlled remotely. This has a significant impact on ensuring that there is a direct physical object that has computer-based systems. How does this affect visual stories?

Visual storytelling can move to any place occupied by technology. The internet of things develops and gives a possibility of creating a story layer over the real world by allowing the physical objects and places to be part of fictional narratives. With the IoT, any place can become an excellent setting for a story. If your company utilizes advanced technologies, you can easily make use of it and entertain your co-workers with a great story. As mentioned earlier, everyone has passion towards breathtaking narratives, so go ahead and make one and you will be surprised by all the positive outcomes this might have on your working environment.

4. Hyperreal storytelling
Visual storytelling trends that look more real than actual things can actually be utilized 24/7. One of such trends is hyperreal storytelling, which refers to how technologies like augmented and virtual realities let people create intense and appealing stories that affect most of the human senses. Because of how real these stories are, they can fool the body and the mind into reacting as though they are experiencing something real. More so, with the upcoming advancements in this field, there is a possibility that you will not have to attend your office anymore. Just imagine that to attend a board meeting all you have to do is to put on your VR helmet and join the conference remotely. As a result, there will be more time for you to dedicate to your family, friends or hobbies.

5. Wearable tech

Visual storytelling has led to the creation and promotion of wearable techs like Apple Watch and Google Glass. These give the users that ability to gather stories from mobile phones and allow them to create their first-person narratives to share with the world. With these gadgets, you can not only consume a narrative but become a part of it. Have you ever wanted to put on somebody’s shoes and experience what they do? It is possible with smart glasses as you can see the story the way the narrator does. Be ready to embrace new experience or become a narrator yourself. With the development of augmented reality, these gadgets can also play a significant part in the development of new storytelling trends.



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