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#*#** Music and Performance for the Summer: LIMINALITY [CACOPHONY]

LIMINALITY [CACOPHONY] a series of music and performance events curated by Sean Mclusky, Kevin Quigley, Bjørn Hatleskog plus guest curator Johny Brown

CableSpew by Bjorn Hatleskog

AUGUST 17 / 18 / 19 – 2018 12 noon – 11pm gallery46.co.uk

Full Body Scan, Primordial Soup, Vic Godard, Dolly Dolly, Elephant House, Kristy Allison and the Children Of The Burning Sun, Rothko, Michael Shaw, Hylopath, Howlround, Time Attendant, Stephanie Horak, Bjorn Hatleskog , Bruce McClure, Matt Sky Lab, Mystery Cult No. 3, Luke Jordan , Field Notes, Noise Shed , Tim Drage , Lisa McKendric.

Presenting new works of live art performance / performance installation / experimental music and works of durational performance. LIMINALITY and Gallery 46 are bringing together artists and musicians that carve out unique corners of creativity, new modes of making art and music.

[CACOPHONY] 3 days of performance and installations, exploring the connecting strident loops of new music-performance while exposing the overlapping layers that veil the unfolding performance – the anticipation, the live-ness and the surprise. Throughout 10 spaces on 3 floors of Gallery 46 / LIMINALITY will create – a new concert of ideas – a cacophony of performance.

The gallery will be open 12 noon – 11pm each day with a full program of durational works and performance plus workshops and casual talks with artists in situ developing their works throughout.


FULL BODY SCAN A one-of-a-kind audiovisual collaboration featuring a 360-degree nebulous orb, defying the conventions of theatrical presentation, as musicians perform in-the-round beneath multiple circular projections created by Daisy Dickinson (Adrena Adrena). An improvised live set of no-wave synths and ambient techno beats create a spectacular and truly immersive experience.

Featuring Kohhei Matsuda (Bo Ningen), Koichi Yamanoha (Grimm Grimm) & Kenichi Iwasa (Krautrock Karaoke
+ Guests

PRIMORDIAL SOUP Primordial Soup Collective is a network of visual, sound and performance artists based in London. This group explores experimenting and incorporating forms of multi-media into public art and performance.

For Liminality the collective shall present a rendition of the project Eugene Waits, written and directed by Kimia Amini, in the format of a spacial installation and a sound piece performed live. The experimental orchestra consists of Melchior Giedroyc, Lewis Evans, Kimia Amini, Jezmi Fehmi, Cicely Haslam and Grace Graham-Taylor. The soundtrack and accompanying narrative poetry intends to manifest the existential and essential problems of everyday life, conceiving and contrasting an experience that depicts notions of constant flux in the city, and the implications of structures within society that are pernicious to human nature. @primordialsouptroops

VIC GODARD Spoken word performance –
Vic Godard, vocalist and songwriter in original Punk / indie band Subway Sect, Vic’s musical adventure, which has taken him from post-punk to postman began, in 1976 when he formed Subway Sect with other like minded South London soul boys to play the 100 Club Punk Festival that year, they went on tour with The Clash on their White Riot Tour in 1977 and became a regular feature on the new Punk scene. Debut single ‘Nobody’s Scared’ was released in March 1978. Vic Godard went on to release numerous albums over five decades and I still writing and releasing work on his own independent label GNU Inc.

DOLLY DOLLY English Surrealist and Beekeeper dollydolly.bandcamp.com


ELEPHANT HOUSE London-based Sino-Greek psychedelic drone combo
Shenggy Shen Digital drums and vocals
Christos Fanaras Melancholic synthesisers and Guitars

KIRSTY ALLISON AND THE CHILDREN OF THE BURNING SUN New project which continues Kirsty Allison’s explorations in the space between lyricism, spoken word, and poetry which she started at the Sylvia Plath Fan Club nights in London, pioneering the new wave that is returning poetry to the forefront of the arts. Editor and publisher of Cold Lips Magazine, her confronting and visceral poetry and performance is in the lineage of punk poetry, with comparisons to Jock Scot, Jeremy Reed, and Dr John Cooper Clarke. Murray Lachlan Young describes her as “sexy and talented, what’s not to like?”

ROTHKO In their 20th year, Mark Beazley’s Rothko are now a floating collective of performers, including but not exclusively; Michael Donnelly, Johny Brown, Graham Dowdall and Crawford Blair. Their recently released album, Blood Demands More Blood, has received wide critical and personal acclaim.

‘Blood Demands More Blood’ is a terrific piece of work. Honest, brave and demanding at times but a real triumph. The key here is that Rothko have captured a sense of the times we have lived in and the times we are now enduring. It is quite possibly the best experimental electronic work released in recent years.’


MICHAEL SHAW Michael Shaw is an artist, musician and educator based in London. His interdisciplinary practice dances around notions of failure, control and mis-direction, that he explores through live performances, public interventions, staged events, assemblages and experiments often teetering on the point of collapse. Often working under an alias, he has produced work across different platforms that include radio, television, contemporary dance and mobile phones. He has released music on Adaadat, Big Dada, 4th Harmonic and Stationary Records. Alongside his practice, he has worked as a guest lecturer at educational institutions such as Goldsmiths, University of London and The Bartlett, UCL, London, UK and delivered artist talks and workshops at a number of institutions including the Science Museum, Institute of Contemporary Arts and Kinetica Gallery, London, UK. michael-shaw.tumblr.com

HYLOPATH an art apparatus and collective initiated by Rupert Cole in 2017 for exploration of the unfelt. HYLOPATH.org

HOWLROUND Founded by sound artist Robin The Fog in 2012, Howlround is a quintet (four machines, one operator) that create recordings and performances entirely from manipulating natural acoustic sounds on vintage reel-to-reel tape machines, with additional reverb or electronic effects strictly forbidden – a process that has seen their work compared to William Basinski, Philip Jeck, Morton Feldman and even the sculptures of Rachel Whiteread’. In 2017 their soundtrack to the Steven McInerney film A Creak In Time was hailed by Wallpaper* magazine as ‘timeless and singular: a cinematic triumph of style and substance’. It was followed by a split LP with Marta De Pascalis on Touch offshoot Wormhole in early 2018 and the project’s 6th full-length album is planned for later in the year. howlround.co.uk


TIME ATTENDANT Time Attendant’s music has seen releases on Exotic Pylon Records, Front & Follow, More Than Human, Gecophonic Production and A Year in the Country.

He was co-host for The Exotic Pylon Radio Show on Resonance FM and hosted his own radio show; Time Attended To on NTS. In 2017 he launched Ancient Neighbour Records as a portal for Time Attendant’s sounds.


STEPH HORAK (aka SheIsRevolting) is a sound and video artist. As a vocalist/producer she experiments with different systems for voice and composition, whether through the use of self-programmed systems, or combinations of DIY hardware and electronic instruments. These experiments can be found under the moniker SheIsRevolting. Stylistically they edge somewhere between experimental electronica, traditional songwriting, and conceptual pieces. Recent sound projects include threehundredandsixtysix, where Horak sings a note a day for a year. These recordings are available on the Fractal Meat Cuts cassette label here: https://fractalmeat.bandcamp.com/album/threehundredandsixtysix


Bruce McClure & Bjorn Hatleskog Lowerlands Sound Installation 2018

Bruce McClure & Bjorn Hatleskog host a communion with a vegetation deity. Casual observations from the foyer of the Mountain King. An ode to etheric transmissions, electro-acoustic night terrors, suggestive drones & dystopian sea shanties. A multi-channel sound installation, comprising two parts:

1. The stubborn organic emblem of social and biological survival
Unable to appear in person McClure’s stand-in comes in the form of an elegant aspidistra; the stubborn organic emblem of social and biological survival. McClure’s poetry articulates herbiferous regicidal sex fantasies from within the walls of Prince Charles’sgarden.

2. Box with the sound of a different installation
A self-attenuating sounding box constructed from acoustic foam, in homage to Minimalist Robert Morris, which curiously has the properties of both removing and adding resonance. Hatleskog’s auto-plunderphonic compositions consist of the manipulated andprocessed recordings of previous installations.

MYSTERY CULT NO. 3 Occult installation / Performance

I have a hut in the woods

I have a hut in the woods

None knows it….

I have a hut in the woods oh yeah!

Small? Yet not small….

It’s a place of familiar paths.

You invited into our personal space…..

a space for Contemplation, Relaxation, Myopication, Propagation, Interrogation, Psychic-nation, Invitation, INTITATION …Relaxation.

Mystery Cult No. 3 performers

Warren Conlon (the leader)

Bjorn Hatleskog (Sentinel companion 1)

Kevin Quigley (Sentinel companion 2)

‘INFINITY LOOP: ‘I love the cult and the cult loves ME /REPEAT’
Sound Installation Kevin Quigley, Bjørn Hatleskog, Warren Conlon 2018

Mystery Cult series of performance works devised by artist Kevin Quigley to explore forms of ritualism / human inter-action and ideas within esoteric culture and the occult.

Kevin Quigley atalentfordestruction.com

Bjørn Hatleskog adaadat.co.uk/romvelope

NOISE SHED presents NOISE CLASH Curated by Tim drage + Lisa McKendrick
Three evenings of noise artists playing in competition – ‘noise off’s’. Will be a maximum overload of joy to experience… Performers include –

Nnja Riot – nnjariot.bandcamp.com

Ruido – ruidouk.bandcamp.com

Marlo Eggplant – corpuscallosumdistro.bandcamp.co

Joris Beets – jorisbeets.bandcamp.com

Cementimental – cementimental.bandcamp.com

Spectral Flesh Performance installation 2018 Luke Jordan (London, UK)

Works take many forms; experimental sound, live art, installation, sculpture, photography, video and text; often combining many of these elements.

‘Speculations upon the temporality of the human as one among many decaying material forms, haunted by imagined pasts and futures, unexplored territories, communications with the unknown, and by the vast unknowable both without and within the human body. Manifestations of primal and cultural anxieties, in material decay, corruption and impurity; and through the emergence of hybrid forms and figures; disrupting the borders of the human, and of ‘civilization’.’

Live performances are comprised of viscerally affective transmissions; the manifestation, binding and discharge of primal energies. The human and the non-human in anomalous entanglement and deformation between form and formlessness / Actions and environments of detritus, raw materials, repurposed objects, artefacts and technologies, cacophony, spoken words, and unintelligible vocalisations. Encounters with marginal entities, pre and post-human, unclean spirits / fleshy spectres / demons of the irrational, which act as social, cultural and psychophysical disruptions, agitations and provocations, collapsing the boundaries between inner and outer worlds / Experiments in the foregrounding of a primordial emergence of potentialities from ‘chaotic’ polymorphous matter; the formation, dissolution or destruction of human identity and subjectivity within a hallucinatory world.



A digital collage audio visual sound poem in the form of experimental cut / creative workshop.
Three one hour performances over three nights Featuring:
Inga Tillere, David Yates, Howlround, Johny Brown

In 99.9 per cent of the masses, the first thing they would want in a depressed situation is a phenobarbital or a Mandrax. That eases the loneliness of the subconscious. Whenever the lionfish in the fish tank in the captain’s ready room died it was always a sad moment. Sure, your love was there like a dentist in my hair like pollution in the air like a fruit fly on the pear… Do you believe in God, Winston?

Like most voyages doomed, we sailed a crooked vessel. Adrift and listing slightly in the cold waters off of Humberside, the Drunken Boat was the archetypical ghost ship. She was built out of an Arthur Rimbaud poem in France and weighed in at a good 100 ton of misfortune. Her first captain was not so lucky. He died shortly after the ship was put to sea on her first voyage. Emphysema compounded by pneumonia and other related illnesses.

Our whispers and shouts were a collage of fears, dreams, visions, memories and whatever else we could summon and transmit. As we attempted to anaesthetize, archive, articulate, arrive at something that was outside of ourselves. Sometimes we got somewhere, more often it was nothing at all.

A selection of journal entries and radio plays that contributed to a pirate radio station project whose focus was the North Sea but whose span somehow reached most parts of the planet, a wayward tale if you like, of Radio Joyand the Drunken Boat.

Crew: Johny Brown | Writer | Stationmaster & Inga Tillere | Imagemaster
Collaborators:DAVID YATES| Noisemaster & ROBIN WARREN| Scenemaster




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