10,000 sqm NASA space blanket to cover this year’s Burning Man

Russia-based architect Sasha Shtanuk is aiming to create a 10,000 sq meters reflective silver blanket for Burning Man. Made of 3,350 NASA space blankets held together with 40km of reinforced tape, the ultralight polyester canvas will constantly change its shape into surreal silhouettes of waves, mountains etc.


To raise enough money for the materials, transportation, rent, Sasha has started an Indiegogo campaign with a flexible goal of $17,500 dollars.

Sasha explains,

“The silver-coloured side of the blanket reflects up to 97% of the radiated heat, which provides a comfortable and fresh resting area under the installation during the daytime. ‘at night, hundreds of people in el-wire suits will get together under the blanket, creating an effect of oceanic bioluminescent plankton or moving waves of the equalizer.”

video by Alex Shtanuk


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